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We list UK’s best Hosting Companies

Welcome, is the site for those who are looking for a really good and affordable web host. If you look at our top list, read our reviews and check out our guides, you will find the right web hosting at the right price, find the web hosting that suits you and your wallet. Feel free to read our guide to choosing web hosting, where we will list what to look for when choosing a web host.
Hosting Country Disc Space Traffic Price per Month Rating Review Buy
1 GB Unlimited £0.00 4 UK Host
100 GB Unlimited £1.00 Miss Hosting
10 GB Unlimited £6.95 SiteGround
100 GB Unlimited £4.99 GoDaddy
10 GB Unlimited £2.49 123 Reg
Unlimited Unlimited £3.95 HostGator
50 GB Unlimited £3.95 BlueHost
25 GB Unlimited £2.28 One.Com

Our Top List – The best Web Hosting Companies

In our top list, we list the web hotels primarily by how high the web hosting time is, how fast it is, how easy-to-use the control panel is and how well the web hosting service is. We believe that these are the most important factors when comparing and selecting web hosting. The upturn is very important because you hardly want your site to lie down on a regular basis. Of course, the performance is also important because you probably do not want your websites to be cool and slowly loaded into your browser’s browsers. Nor should you underestimate the importance of a good support that can help you with something strange, nor the importance of gaining access to an easy-to-use control panel that makes it easy for you to work in the hosting company. To the right of the site, you will find a customer-based top list with best-in-test web hosting, based solely on customer review. There you will find the best web hotel based on what the customer has given for ratings here on Webbhotells.

The Drawbacks Of Shared Web Hosting

With the knowledge of what is shared web hosting? you also need to know where and when it does not work. It has many advantages being economical, easy to manage and excellent uptime but also has some disadvantages. The main disadvantage of shared web hosting is the load time of the website. Since the server hosts many websites, the loading time of website increases. As the traffic of your website increases, this happens frequently.

Another thing that can happen is overburdening of the server with other websites. The web hosting company tries to optimize the use of the servers they own and this can lead to many websites being hosted on one server. The other websites may also pose a security risk to your website. Also, shared web hosting does not give you the best optimization that can be done with your website. Keep in view these cons before taking up a shared hosting plan.

Shared Web Hosting Do Not Match Up?

Does shared web hosting have an alternative? Well, there are options but they cannot match the price levels. One option is WordPress dedicated hosting, which gives free domain name along with the hosting services. However, you will need to buy website management services for running the website. However, they have much more options for customization than a basic shar4ed hosting plan. Shared hosting is a good service for beginner websites with not much traffic. So, you can start with a shared hosting plan and upgrade to a dedicated one later.

Choose the Right Hosting

If you intend to bet rock hard and build hundreds of sites, you should get a web host that gives you a lot of space, a high traffic volume and many email addresses. It is also important that you have to connect as many domains as possible to your web host and preferably the web site has an unlimited number of free databases. You may also need a lot of space if you want some really heavy sites that contain lots of video and video material that is not embedded in Youtube and Flickr.

If you only want one or a few sites that will consist of text, some pictures and embedded media files, you do not have to worry about space, with just 10GB, you’re really far away. Then it’s more important to focus on how fast and stable web hosting is, and on how well the support and control panel the web hotel has. will teach you more

Once you have chosen a hosting company and it’s time to buy domains and post websites, you can read our articles on choosing a domain, how to make a website in Wordpress, how to create traffic to your websites and how to can make money on your website. also gives you tips on alternatives to web hosting and learning more about these options, that is, more about VPS and dedicated server. We also have a blog where you continually get new tips on great web hosting offers and get advice on hosting web sites, websites and domains.
Shared Cloud Hosting

Shared Hosting for Individuals

As an individual, you usually do not need an equally powerful web hosting company, as a company needs your visitors to not as much need for stability and functionality on the website. For this reason you will also drop a lot in price when buying a web host.

At the vast majority of web hotels, there are different packages that you choose depending on your needs. Most often, the cheaper web hosting packages are called something like “Standard” or “Private Package.” But of course, it also depends on the needs of a private individual. If your sites are heavily transported and need a lot of storage space, you may need the business package or additional services to increase the limits.

Shared Hosting for Businesses

A company that chooses web hosting should know what it wants with its website, what features are needed and how the company wants the website to look in the long run, for example in 2, 3 years.

The company should ask the questions: How much do they cost extra services that I may need in the future? How much does it cost to link new domains to the website? What rules apply to termination? It is also important to know if the hosting company has a backup and how often they make this backup in such cases. Be sure to find out where the servers are located and if you do not know much about the web hosting industry, it may be good to choose a hosting company that is an approved registrar, which means that the Internet Infrastructure Foundation has approved the hosting company.

Ask us at anything!

Are you less knowledgeable in the area? Check out our web hosting FAQ and see if it can clarify any of your unwillingness. Otherwise, you can contact us at for advice. We will help you find the web hosting company that best suits your budget and needs. We have over 20 years experiance in the hosting industries and have over the years tested more than 100 unqiue we hosting companies. We know exactly what company would fit you and your business best. Read more about web hosting on Wikipedia.


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