Host your business Website on a Company Web Hosting Provider!

Company Web Hosting

Run your business website on a Company Web Hosting package!

If you are choosing the company web hosting provider for your company website, it’s important to understand the exact needs of your site. For example how many visitors you have, how much power the website consumes and what it’s built on, for example WordPress, Joomla, Magento or coded from scratch. When you have all the nessesary data of your site it’s time to start looking for the right company web hosting provider for your business.

When you start choosing provider start by asking the provider what they think is suitable hosting solution for your website, they should be able with the data provided guide you in the right direction, either Web Hosting, VPS or a Dedicated Server.


Company Web Hosting for your Business Website

Also make sure you look at what the company web hosting provider is offering extra along with the hosting package. For example some companies are giving extra SEO Tools, Backup, Adwords Coupons or SSL Certificated for free when you sign up with them for your new business website. This is something you really must take into consideration when choosing the right provider.


5 Things to look at when choosing a good Hosting Provider

Okey, so you have a company website and need a good provider for it, here are 5 things you need to think about:

  1. What is the pricing? Think about this, if you are making good money on your website, is it not worth to spend extra money to make sure your website is secure and works 24/7? How much do you spend on coffee for the office every month, make sure you spend more on your hosting provider to ensure uptime!
  2. Support? What times can you contact the provider, are they not online 24/7 check somewhere else!
  3. Uptime? What uptime can the host provide you with, if it’s low go somewhere else!
  4. Backup? Do the host provide a daily backup solution, if not you really need to think again and find a hosting provider that actually backs up your data in a secure way!
  5. What extra do you get? When choosing a provider make sure that you find one that gives out extra products, most of the good providers will actually give you tools and services for free that will help you grow your website!