Why you should not choose a Free Web Hosting company!

Free Web Hosting

The Internet has grown rapidly in recent years and more and more companies and individuals acquires their own websites.This has led to the creation of companies offering free web hosting. A free web hosting is only good in one way; its free. From all other aspects, it’s just not good at all…

Why you should not choose free web hosting!


Why not free web hosting?

The main reason why you should not let you website, blog or application be on a free web hosting company is that these companies tend to disappear as it is, which usually means that even your files on their servers will disappear and there is no chance to get your files or website back once that happens.


The second reason goes without saying. There is no one who offers you something free to be nice (unless you have any kind of relationship), rather they do this to make money. Free web hosting earns money by pushing advertisements (some more than others ..) on your website. You do not decide which advertisement they post.Your website or blog about your family can end up with advertising about poker, gambling, alcohol and even worse!


The third reason why free web hosting is a bad alternative is the technical aspect, i.e., uptime, space, bandwidth, support, etc.

  • You can not expect any support for something strange.
  • You also can not expect your website to be available 24/7.
  • Limited disk space and bandwidth (some files, some traffic).

This is not true of all free web hosting. Some simply want to simply market their business and therefore allow customers to use their servers for free in exchange for more attention. These do not need advertisements, bad upsets or other disadvantages, but such types of activities are few and do not last in the long run.


Alternative to free web hosting

Create a free blog on WordPress or Blog.com. These are great services and are most likely to remain on the internet for a long time. The disadvantage of this option is that you are still very limited. Invest in a real web hosting and domain name. You can find web hosting for less than £2 a month that works efficiently. Domain names you buy for about £10 in annual fee. In total, it will be £40-50 per year. Isn’t that money worth spending on a good hosting provider for your business website?


Our opinion: If you want to spend a lot of time creating a website or blog, you might as well invest in a real web host. Right now 4UK Host is having a promotion which gives you a free hosting package the first year, so at least you get it for free over 1 year.