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Filezilla – A Guide, How To Connect To FTP And Various Features

If you have a web server and want to upload files on it, you need a so-called FTP function. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Several programs used for HTML editing have an already built-in function for FTP, and often there is a service at most major web hosts where

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Choose SSD Hosting

When choosing between SSD Hosting and SAS Hosting, there is a lot to think about. Firstly, one must know what separates these two different things before deciding. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages, and the variant you choose is often something that depends on chance if you are not employed.

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What is CDN?

What is CDN? The CDN is an abbreviation for the Content Delivery Network and is now a key part of how services such as audio, video, live streaming and similar services are delivered on the Internet to users of these services. Many services on the Internet today are bandwidth intensive

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Secure your Website with a VPS

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When more and more people connect to the Internet every day, easier access to the internet via their smartphones wherever they are, it is important that all services always work. Many people put their websites on a web hosting package today but forget about hosting as their business grows. One