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Ilait reviews

Itail is a global wholesale cloud and hosting company, this company only works with partners directly. They do not want to have any direct contact with the final customer and only act as an intermediary.

This gives partners the opportunity to sell hosting to their customers without dealing with technical issues and without the hosting itself competing, plus all the possibility of configuration.

Itail has different data centers all over the world so that customers can choose the data center they prefer.

Ilait Background

Ilait was founded in 2006, its goal is to provide high quality hosting to partners, has data centers around the world, both in Europe and the United States.

The possibilities that ilait offers us in Europe are:

  • Gothenburg
  • Nuremberg
  • Munih
  • And in the United States we find data centers in:
  • Atlanta
  • Washington
  • jannie

key ilait benefits

It has great availability of servers distributed around the world, this allows a low latency, in addition ilait offers daily backups and FTP access to have easy access to data.

In addition to the high availability of data centers around the world we have more benefits such as white label.

The white label allows you to configure control panels, server names, logos, thus having total control over the product.

In addition the control of the technical service of the servers will not be a problem the only thing you have to worry about is the control of the technology.

Hosting Features of Ilait

Ilait provides good features to all its partners so that they can sell to their customers without any problem. 

Ilait offers the partner and its customers a wide range of possibilities, for example:

Email: With POP and IMAP access with RailLoop webmail.

Email aliases: You can redirect emails to other recipients.

Database: MySQL and Microsoft SQL.

Websites; Apache with PHP and IIS with classic ASP, .NET and PHP.

Cron Tasks: Time-based Cron task scheduler on Unix-like operating systems.

URL redirection: Redirection of domain names to another URL.

It also has services such as shared web hosting, DNS hosting, domain name registrar, SSL certificates at various levels of Symatec, GeoTrust and Thawte, and CRON works.

Control Panel & Usability

Ilait provides a control panel and an API for its partners, in this way we want to simplify the process of purchase and management that have to perform their partners.

With the ilait panel the partners will have a global vision of clients, domains, services and information related to the business, in addition to having an API to be able to adapt to the needs of each partner.

Ilait also provides a white label panel for its partners’ customers. With this panel customers can view and manage the services with the advantage that it carries the FQDN and the partners logo and dedicated IP.

As for if customers have questions or doubts Ilait besides having a support system contains its own Wiki.

Data Security and Backups

As for ilait protection stands out at this point, all user accounts are protected with passwords, plus all data is encrypted in 256 bits with a password chosen by users before the backup is made.

Ilait provides two backup systems, one with Hosted Backup OBM and Hosted Backup ACB from the provider Ahsay. 

With Hosted Back OBM we will have several security advantages such as data encryption, retention and programming. In addition this system includes full backups and backup modules for backing up databases, email servers, file servers and common files.

With Hosted Backup ACB, on the other hand, it is a simple and simple backup system for users to back up the client side to desktops and laptops.

In addition the server data is replicated daily on other servers with a different geographical location, this serves if there is a failure in the backup server, this data remains available on the server where it is replicated.

We also have reports of the backup in this way we will notify each user and the system administrator of the status of the copy once made to know if there has been any incident.

Hosting for WordPress

Ilait is fully prepared to support WordPress, so there is no problem of incompatibility between the server and the CMS.

Ilait is a good company to host a hosting and more if you have different websites or your business is oriented to different countries, thanks to the high availability of servers around the world you can use the best location for you and your website, thus improving latency.

In addition, the great advantages of the white label for its partners and all the advantages they offer such as backups, security and their own panels give a great advantage in this sense to this Hosting.

Shared Hosting

As for Shared Hosting Ilait offers a package and exclusive service for shared hosting.

This package has three levels, basic, standard and prime.

The basic level has 10 GB of shared web storage and SQL (with three databases).

10 GB of email, unlimited number of cron tasks and URL redirects, 5 GB traffic, and unlimited number of websites.

Standard Level: This level has 50 GB of SQL storage and storage with up to 5 databases, 25GB mail storage, 25GB traffic, unlimited number of cron jobs and URL redirects, as well as unlimited number of websites, mailboxes and email aliases.

Prime Level: At the prime level we have 100 GB of shared web storage and SQL with up to 10 databases), we also find 50 GB of email mailbox storage, 100 GB traffic and just like in previous plans unlimited amount of cron jobs and url redirects, unlimited amount of websites, email mailboxes and aliases.

Customer Support

As for technical support, Ilait provides a support service to solve problems that may occur and a protocol to act in different situations, thus taking care of the partners.

We also have an emergency support for critical errors for faster response. We will also know the possible maintenance tasks that are planned in order to see if they will affect us and make an exception in this way.

Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 500 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST).

Ilait FAQs

What panel does ilait have? 

ilait has its own panel for both members and end users.

Does ilait have support? 

ilait has its own support so you will always have great professionals behind you to help you.

Can I choose the location of the servers? 

Yes, you can choose between the different options that ilait makes available.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a wholesale hosting to be able to offer hosting services with a white label panel and quality without having to worry about the technical service of ilait Hosting is a great option.

In addition its different geographical points help that we can sell anywhere in the world thanks to the geographical diversity of its data center.