Personal Hosting for your own Website or Blog!

Personal Web Hosting

As an individual and when you are looking for personal web hosting, you usually do not need an equally powerful web hosting as you do if you have a company and is making money on your website. Compared to a company that needs a lot of power to handle lots of visitors and bigger website. Because of this you can actually save a lot of money if you see that a hosting provider is offering multiple packages, you can probably go for the low cost option as you are not expected to have several thousands of visitors per week.


Choosing a Personal Web Hosting Package

At the vast majority of web hosting providers there are different packages that you choose depending on your website’s needs. Often, the cheaper web hosting packages are called something like “Standard”, “Basic” or “Private”. This way you can easily see what package you as an individual should choose to purchase.

Your own personal web hosting for your website & blog!

But of course, it also depends on the needs, even private person’s can have big blogs and websites, this means that more resources will be used by your website, and then logically you will need a bigger hosting package, maybe even a VPS!


So what should I choose?

Well, if you have read our short guide here you should now be able to understand the different between a small and big website, so it depends on your needs. We do have some recommendations for you however! As far as cheaper packages and hosting goes you can find good offers from Miss Hosting, 4 UK Host and Go Daddy that you should think about for your own private website & blog.

But in the end this is your own decision and you must decide on what you think it’s worth to pay for a hosting package to use your own private website on, and only take our guides for what they are, guide lines to try and help you choose.