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Start using 34sp!
Start using 34sp!

Overall Impression

Support - 85%
Performance - 83%
Stability - 86%
Price - 89%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name 34sp.com
Website www.34sp.com
Founded 2000
Support Email support@34sp.com
Support Phone 0161 987 3434
Advantages Disadvantages
Affordable & Reasonable Pricing A potential of security & downtime incidents
Hosting platforms built for UK businesses


34SP Review

34SP has a slightly different way of listing its web hosting plans although on the main homepage, at the top, they give you an option to search for a domain name to register. So, initially when you go to their website, you may think that they are primarily a domain registration company. But once you start exploring, you find that they also provide various hosting packages. Why slightly different?

For example, instead of mentioning “website builder” just as a feature in one of their hosting packages, they promote it as one of their major packages. If you opt for the Website Builder you can create a complete website from scratch. This package is similar to something like Wix.

They have multiple videos of customer success stories on their homepage.


34SP Background

34SP is based in Manchester, United Kingdom. They were established in 2000. Since the beginning they have been aspiring to provide quality affordable services. According to their website description, their USP is honest and ethical dealing with their customers. There are no minimum contract periods and hidden fees. All their packages have been built keeping in mind the needs of UK businesses.


34SP Benefits

The first benefit of going with 34SP is that everything is under one roof. You need a domain name? You can register it on their website. You need help with building website? You can use their drag-and-drop website builder to quickly design your website. You need hosting? Of course, you can get it there. So, the entire gamut of services that you require to run a successful website are present on 34SP.

Another benefit is that the entire set of services provided by 34SP is designed for UK-based businesses. The customer support service, their servers, the way they have designed their packages, everything is customised according to the businesses being run in the UK.

They also offer 30-day moneyback guarantee. In case you’re not happy or satisfied with their service, you get your money refunded, no questions asked.

Their packages seem to be comparatively expensive compared to other web hosting services reviewed on this website, but they seem to make up with the quality of service and the customers’ ability to get exactly what they need.


Hosting features of 34SP

People behind 34SP don’t promote their various plans and packages according to the amount of space or the number of email accounts you can create or the amount of bandwidth that you get. They have divided their plans and packages according to the needs of their customers rather than how much space they should be getting. The technical nitty-gritty seems to be irrelevant when it comes to going for a hosting package with 34SP. Though, the details such as how much disk space and how much bandwidth are also listed, but you need to dig deeper to be able to find such information.

The various plans that they offer are

  • Website builder
  • Professional hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Universal hosting
  • Reseller hosting

The “Website Builder” plan is for those who would immediately want to start a website with little fuss. It gives you all the tools and infrastructure to run a personal website or a small business website. They haven’t mentioned how much space or how much bandwidth you get with this plan, but your website can be operationalised in little time.

Of course, as the requirements of your business increase, you can always upgrade to a bigger plan. The “Website Builder” plan is compatible with G Suite and Gmail.

You get a free SSL certificate with this plan so that your domain name can have an HTTPS URL which is favoured by Google. There are hundreds of pre-built templates to choose from. Every individual template can be further customised according to your unique branding needs. There is also an online image editor. A big repository of fonts is also available.

Their “Universal Hosting” plan is further divided into “Standard”, “E-commerce” and “Heavy Duty” plans.

The beginners plan, “Standard” comes at £ 19.95 per month. It gives you 15 Gb of storage, 2 GB memory and unlimited bandwidth. It’s irrelevant how many email accounts you can open. You can go for a monthly or yearly billing cycle. There is a discount if you go for a yearly billing cycle. WordPress and Joomla! come pre-installed with this plan.

Although WordPress comes pre-installed in many plans, they have a separate, dedicated “WordPress Hosting” plan that costs £ 9.95 per month. It gives you daily backups, free migration, extra themes, free daily backups, free SSL certificate and email and web mail.



If by mistake choose a wrong plan, will I be able to change it later on?

You can upgrade or downgrade your account/plan anytime you feel like. Although, it may have an impact on the services you are using at that time, if you really want to change, you can change it.

How to migrate my existing website if I want to switch to the 44 SP servers?

They provide the service free of cost. You will need to let them know that you want to migrate or transfer your existing website or the 34SP servers.

How do I know which package to choose for my web hosting requirement?

The best way of doing this is, making a list of things that you need to run your online business. If you’re going to upload lots of videos and images, you will need more disk space as well as bandwidth (bandwidth is consumed when you upload data and when people access the data from their computers or mobile phones). There are different account for different email needs. Then, if you intend to host multiple websites, you may choose another plan that allows you to do this.


Concluding remarks on 34SP

All the web hosting plans are consumer-centric. Instead of focusing on disk space and number of email ids, they focus on customer requirements. An average customer needs a website and that website needs to be designed. Instead of having to hire a web designer or a web design company, you can opt for a “Website Builder” package and get your website online within a few hours. If you want to run a WordPress-powered website, you can go for “WordPress Hosting”. If you want to provide web hosting services to your clients you can subscribe for the “Reseller Hosting”. In that sense, all their plans a feature-based. Slightly expensive, but the quality seems good.




Start using 34sp!