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4 UK Host

Start using 4 UK Host!
Start using 4 UK Host!
4 UK Host

Overall Impression

Support - 92%
Performance - 90%
Stability - 91%
Price - 95%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name 4 UK Host
Website 4ukhost.co.uk
Founded 2004
Support Email -
Support Phone 0-800-048-8406
Advantages Disadvantages
£0.00 the first year, super good offer! The company is still growing
Offers Shared, VPS, SSD VPS and Dedicated Hosting

4 UK Host Review

4UK host is a web hosting company that has been operational since 2014. They offer all kinds of hosting services including shared, dedicated and VPS hosting for both individuals and businesses. They are known for offering some of the cheapest, most secure web hosting options on the internet and would be a good choice for those looking for a UK based web host.
In addition to their web hosting options, they also give you innumerable options when it comes to choosing a domain name for you or your business. They have the newest top-level domains for you to choose regardless of your business type or industry. 


4 UK Host Background

As mentioned earlier, 4UK host is based in the UK but they are rapidly expanding to other parts of the world. They have a large team of technicians who check the servers on a daily basis to ensure you never go offline. They have a robust social media presence and pride themselves in providing some of the best customer support as far as web hosting and domain registration is concerned. They have about 20 different hosting plans that are available for those just starting out.


Key 4 UK Host Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of hosting on 4UK host is their security. Most of their plans come with SSL, beneficial especially for those looking to host and run e-commerce websites.
The second benefit is the speed of their servers. This applies especially when you go for the VPS ad SSD VPS options. 4UK host has also upgraded their internet connection to gigabit connections on all servers for even faster server access.
If you outgrow your website, you get upgrades to a higher tier, all without losing even a second on downtime. Also, if you decide to migrate your website to 4UK host, they make it really easy for you. 

  • Gigabit connections on all servers
  • Upgrades without any downtime
  • Easy migration from other hosts


Hosting Features of 4 UK Host

Depending on the account you sign up for, you get from 1gb of space with no limit on the higher tiers. You also get unlimited transfers no matter what hosting account you sign up for. You can also get a free domain name or even a domain name for life should you decide to sign up for the higher tiers.
All their hosting accounts come with a control panel, cPanel for those on shared hosting and webmin for users who go for the VPS and dedicated hosting options. If you decide to start with shared hosting you will get a website builder to get your site up and running very fast. 


Control Panel & Usability

The control panel you get on 4UK host will depend on the hosting option you go with. Users who opt for shared hosting will get cPanel and therein, the Softaculous software for building websites using CMSs such as WordPress and Drupal.
Because those on VPS and dedicated hosting options have control of whole or virtual server partitions, 4UK Host provide them with Webmin control panel. They also get the Virtualadmin control panel that is used to manage multiple virtual hosts using a single interface. There is also an optional cPanel for both of these account for users coming for shared hosting and who may be more comfortable with this control panel. 


Data Security and Backups

4UK host understands that security starts with the hardware. That is why they have servers that are configured for maximum protection on shared hosts. For dedicated and VPS hosting, you have to take care of the software side of things because most of the hardware configurations are done for you. Both of the VPS options have optional off-site weekly backups available. Those on dedicated hosting get optional monthly and weekly backup options, all done off-site for even better security.


Hosting for WordPress

Although 4UK host does not have a dedicated WordPress hosting option, you can still host your WordPress website on your account. The way to do this is to use the Softaculous software that is provided with most cPanel accounts. Doing this is the easiest way to get WordPress up and running. Although working with Softaculous is reserves for those using cPanel, those on VPS and dedicated hosting ca run WordPress too.
Wordpress requires a PHP installation as well as a database. You can set these up very easily if you are on VPS or dedicated hosting. There are lots of online resources for those who might feel lost. The bottom line is this, even without a dedicated WordPress hosting account, shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting users can get WordPress running in about five minutes. 


Shared Hosting

There are four shared hosting plans. The first one is free for the first year but you have to pay a setup fee of £14.99. All the other three accounts do not have set up feet but cost between £1.67 To £4.17 Per month.
Plans with 4UK Host start at 1GB of storage all the way up to unlimited storage. Paying for a full year in advance will see you rewarded with a free domain name on all four accounts. All shared hosting accounts come with cPanel, unlimited bandwidth a well as web statistics for all your websites. The free account does not have any MySQL databases so you cannot host any website that requires a database. 


Customer Support

There are several ways to get help on the 4UK host website. The first one is through the live chat function located on the bottom right of your screen. The live chat operates 24/7 due to the global customer base this company has. You can also reach customer support on the phone numbers provided on their website at +0-800-048-8406, 7 am – 4 pm GMT. If you have questions that need urgent answers, you can always visit their FAQ question. It is very detailed, with clear concise answers even for non-tech customers. 



4 UK Host FAQs

Do You Have Windows Hosting?

Unfortunately, we do not provide windows hosting out of the box. We only have Linux hosting on shared, value VPS and SSD VPS. On our dedicated servers, you can install whatever operating system you like but we recommend Linux due to its ease of use, including its integration with all available tools.  

Why Am I Being Asked to Verify My Account?

Sometimes accounts get flagged for various reasons. It is not a personal thing as we review all account details to check for high-risk orders. When asked to verify your account, please sent the requested documents as soon as possible to avoid any delays in ensuring that your account is verified as soon as possible.  

Why Was I Asked for Additional Information?

Sometimes we need additional verification to ensure the PayPal or credit card account holder has authorized the transaction. We do this to ensure all out clients are safe. If you get an email from us with a request for additional verification, please follow the steps in the email or get in touch with us.  

How do I Install WordPress?

Installing WordPress is very easy using the Softaculous software provided in the cPanel. You should have an active account and access to cPanel. Everything is done via a simple GUI within just five minutes. Should you get stuck, consult our FAQ or talk to us via live chat or via telephone.


Final Thoughts

4UK host remains one of the best web hosting companies in the world despite being headquartered in the UK. They have a few features that endear them to customers including their backups, security and customer support. They also have about 20 hosting options (from shared, value VPS, SSD VPS and dedicated hosting) to choose from ensuring that they are in a position to serve both businesses and individuals.
They have some of the cheapest web hosting options and they also run sales all the time. Their hosting account comes packed with features including cPanel, web builders, email hosting and a lot more. Their customer support is also available 24/7 through their dedicated live chat function as well as on the phone on UK business hours.




Start using 4 UK Host!

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