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Start using BlueHost!
Start using BlueHost!
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Overall Impression

Support - 86%
Performance - 85%
Stability - 88%
Price - 90%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name BlueHost
Website www.bluehost.com
Founded 2002
Support Email support@bluehost.com
Support Phone 00 1 801-765-9400
Advantages Disadvantages
Affordable & Reasonable Pricing A potential of security & downtime incidents
Uses industry-standard rules such as C-panel


BlueHost Review

Being new to website making means that making a website of your own is nothing short of a disconcerting task. It doesn’t take much to chat with your customers through social media but being in it to win it doing business on the web means you’re going to have to invest in a proper hosting service. If you have been looking far and wide, Bluehost might just be the resource you need.

Having been in the market for over two decades and having made itself the premier destination for people looking to host their WordPress sites, Bluehost might be what you need if you’re looking for a place to start as it even offers newcomers a 63% discount along with and a free Site Builder, a Free Domain and free SSL.



BlueHost was the third and most successful attempt by Matt Heaton at making web hosting services more convenient to use and a bit more spacious. Founded in 2003, the company went on to invent CPU throttling in the year 2009 and subsequently be bought by Endurance International Group (Owners of HostGator) in 2010. The company has servers in Provo, Utah and Orem, Utah with the first being the company’s primary US data centre and the latter being the second. The company also has a data centre in India, the UK and China. The site provides free shared certificates to all shared accounts.


Key BlueHost Benefits

The company offers you top tier uptimes at 99.98% which is .19% higher than the industry standard of 99.79% and only .01% lower than the 99.99% perfect score. In a test run by Hostingfacts.com, the site only had 9 outages over a period of 6 months.
The site also has amazing load speeds. The average stands at just under a second. Load speeds may be the difference between you and your competition- research indicates that you stand to lose 7% conversion within a second long load speed and up to 50% within 3 seconds.
The site is also among the most affordable options for hosting out there with their introductory pricing standing at $3.95 per month. This comes with a free domain, a free site builder and one-click WordPress installations. This is only for the WPBeginner package.

  • Very Affordable Pricing
  • Highly Reliable Uptimes
  • Lightning Fast Loading Times


Hosting Features of BlueHost

Bluehost has a good number of hosting plans with several different features. Here’s a couple: The Shared hosting plan- this is the most affordable and quite possibly the best way to start off as the costs are low since you’re sharing server resources with other sites, Cloud hosting- allows your site to switch to another server in case it comes across an error.
There is WordPress Hosting- Designed for and optimized to run WordPress with protection from common risk factors, WooCommerce hosting- since WooCommerce is the most common WordPress eCommerce plugin (allows you to get an online WordPress Store going), the necessary settings are put in place to keep your eCommerce site running efficiently and finally there’s VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting and Dedicated Server hosting.


BlueHost – Control Panel & Usability

The word Cpanel is enough to send shivers down the spines of even the most intrepid since it isn’t known for being the easiest to use interface but Bluehost employs the enhanced cPanel interface which is better looking and easier to use making the setup/management of your site easy.
You could get access to the BlueHost Marketplace through the cPanel control panel and get access to multiple different applications, plug-ins and scripts. The company is a firm believer in WordPress and, therefore, you should that the panel has been customized to facilitate WordPress site hosting. The cPanel is only compatible with servers running the Linux or iOS though you could find the mobile application for both the iOS and the Android platforms.


Data Security and Backups

There are Bluehost tools to keep your site secure. They include Spam Hammer, SpamAssassin and Spam Experts which keep your site from Spam. To prevent the flooding of your site from multiple different unknown sources in a DDoS attack, there’s support for CloudFare and also HotLink protection in order to protect your site from image theft. To keep pesky users away, there’s IP address blacklist software too. To back up your site, log on to your Bluehost account and in the Site Back-up Pro tool, download it in a compressed file.


Hosting for WordPress

If you were to log on the WordPress.org site right now and check the list of hosting services they deem trustworthy, don’t be surprised to find BlueHost in the company of SiteGround and DreamHost. The company hosts more than a million WordPress sites on its servers and therefore has plans dedicated to WordPress Users. First, there is the Blogger package (most affordable), then the Professional Package, the Business Package and the most costly, the Enterprise package.
The blogger package, initially at $12.49 and $24.99 every month after the first affords you 100 million visitors every month, 60GB of storage+back-up space, 2 Gigabytes or RAM and catering for 5 sites. The professional package initially costs $37.50, the Business one $60.00 and the Enterprise one $85.00 (WildCard SSL and enhanced cPanel and SiteLock CDN/WAF Pro). All plans earn you WP educated support24/7, automatic plugin updates and data backups.


Shared Hosting

If you opt for the shared hosting, the site does not allow you to pay on a monthly basis, but instead, only allows you to pay annual sums with the smallest package only becoming more and more lucrative as you add years to your plan. For example, you can only pay $2.95 a month if you’re staying 3 years.

Bluehost shared hosting plans include the Starter package (free domain name, free domain name transfer, 50 gigabytes of storage, unmetered bandwidth and Skimp 5 email). The Plus package which adds an anti-spam tool to what the Starter already has as well as unlimited storage and finally the Prime Package with a dedicated IP address and site backup as well as domain privacy.


Customer Support

No man is an island- in short, you’re gonna need help. Fortunately, at Bluehost, there’s lots of it. There’s a humungous collection of tutorials, articles and step by step guides that is available to you after a simple search. If it doesn’t prove to be sufficient, you could always talk to a customer care agent via a direct phone call or via live chat. The company since eliminated the ticket system in order to better focus on a more human interaction with the clientele but it shall be missed as some problems cannot be solved over two-minute-long live chats or phone calls.


BlueHost FAQs

How Do I Renew My Domain And What Happens If I Don’t?

To renew your domain, log in to your account, from the menu, click on “Domains” and proceed to select the domains you need to be renewed. Then click on “Renewal Options” and proceed to confirm your choices and pay. Failure to pay results in a 60 day warning period and a subsequent parking page placed on your domain name. 31 days later, your domain could be bought by someone else.

What Is The BlueHost Affiliate Program And How Much Can I Earn?

This is a marketing and promotional tool to create awareness and growth of the brand by paying individuals a fixed commission for bringing or referring new customers to BlueHost. You could possibly be paid a flat rate of Rs.4000 ($61.52) for bringing in a new customer. Fortunately, sign-up is free for you so you could start whenever.

What’s The BlueHost Guarantee And Free Domain Offer?

The lueHost guarantee is that if you try the services over a period of 30 days and you don’t like them, you can claim your cash back. It is, however, not applicable to add-ons. And if you’re new to Bluehost, you’ll get a free domain which will run free for year 1 and you’ll thereafter have to pay the renewal fee.

My Website Is Down, Could I Move It To Another Server?

Moving the site to a whole nother server takes more resources than it would to simply get the site back up and running. Therefore, there will be efforts to get it back up before attempting to move it. If it actually happens, however, expect downtime of up to 2 days as DNS is propagated.


Final Thoughts

On several occasions, Bluehost has been considered a top 5 hosting solutions provider and only because their Uptime is great (well above average; borderline excellent), the company provides you with lightning fast page loading times (clocking in at just under a second), and the security options available to you are mighty efficient too. How they customized their control panel to suit their clientele cannot go without mention.
The company is also officially recommended by WordPress- if this isn’t enough to have you on board, nothing will. Their pricing is cheap too if you intend to be with them for the long run and the customer support team is nothing but useful. If you would like to try it out before subscribing you could do so as well as there is a 30 day free trial period available.




Start using BlueHost!