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Crazy Domains

Start using Crazy Domains!
Start using Crazy Domains!

Overall Impression

Support - 86%
Performance - 85%
Stability - 88%
Price - 90%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name Crazy Domains
Website www.crazydomains.com/
Founded 2000
Support Phone 1 213 559 2459
Advantages Disadvantages
Affordable & Reasonable Pricing Lack of proper support
Global Hosting Company


Crazy Domains Review

Crazy domains is known for offering cheap domain registration services, even to the tune of £ 1.20 per year, although, eventually how much your domain name costs depends on the top-level domain name and your country of residence. But as the name suggests, “Crazy Domains” originates from the fact that it offers you extremely low-cost domain names.


Crazy Domains background

Crazy Domains was started in 2000 and the website claims that since then, it has become one of the leading domain name registrars in Australia, Europe, India and the Middle East. To stick to their brand of “Crazy”, they keep launching or introducing crazy offers like crazy prices for domain names and crazy prices for web hosting plans.

Though, they are cutting costs and somewhere they need to make up, so, many of their customers complain about their inferior interface and even a lack of support sometimes but then, there are many customers who are ready to put up with these small inconveniences in lieu of the low prices that the offer.


Keep Crazy Domains Benefits

Price, is one of the greatest benefits of getting your domain name registered from Crazy Domains aside from their various web hosting packages. Since this review is from the perspective of Crazy Domains being a web hosting company, we will be mostly talking about their hosting features.

They offer web hosting both for Linux and Windows. The Control Panel depends on the operating system you choose for your web hosting package. For both Linux and Windows hosting, they offer instant activation and 60-day moneyback guarantee.

Switching to Crazy Domains is quite simple if you are already running your website somewhere else. They have an automatic interface that helps you transfer your domain to the new host. They also have an “Exclusive Offer” (at the time of writing this review) of 6 months of free hosting if you transfer your domain from somewhere else.

Once you activate your domain on their servers, you can build your website using a drag-and-drop interface – a website builder. In case you want a custom website, they also provide web design services. Need a logo for your branding? They also do that.


Hosting features of Crazy Domains

If you want to host your website on Crazy Domains, the web hosting company has the following options for you:

  • Linux hosting
  • Windows hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Custom web hosting packages
  • DNS hosting

Crazy Domains also has a repository of more than 200 apps that can be installed with just a single click. A few of them may include WordPress, Magento, Joomla!, Drupal and lots of CMSs applications for hosting your shopping cart.

An SSL certificate is a must these days not just to give a secure connection to your website visitors, but also to improve your search engine rankings. You can get SSL certificates as add-ons with Crazy Domains.

When they offer really cheap web hosting, they really mean it. Even the most expensive package begins with £ 2.78 per month, which includes unlimited SSD space, unlimited email addresses, unlimited databases, unlimited add-on websites, 10 free stock images, traffic booster apps and email marketing features. And this package is aptly named “Unlimited”.

The cheapest package is called “Economy” which costs £ 0.93 per month. It gives you everything you need to run a decent website. It gives you 150 GB web space. You can host one website but you can have 10 databases with 100 email addresses. This hosting also gives you 2 free stock images.

All the plans also include protection against DDos attacks, email protection, regular file backup, 24 x 7 tech support and guaranteed 99.9% uptime. They offer technical support via phone, email and live chat.


Security and Backup on Crazy Domains

For backup they offer standard backup and Premium backup. With Premium backup, you can decide how much space you want to allocate to backing up. You get Control Panel backup procedures. You can set up multiple restore points. All your backups are encrypted.

Although the web hosting company provides standard protection against phishing and DDos attacks, you can go for extra protection by upgrading to “Site Protection” that provides a 100% protection against hacking attacks and malware.


Crazy Domains FAQs

What is DNS hosting?

DNS hosting can be availed to make it faster for your visitors to access your website in case your website with the actual domain name is temporarily unavailable or if there is too much traffic. It is a unique IP address and it can be directly accessed to load your website.

Does Crazy Domains offer free migration if I already host my website somewhere else?

Yes, Crazy Domains has a software-supported interface that allows you to transfer your domain to the Crazy Domains servers without much fuss.

Does Crazy Domains also offer web design services?

Yes. It has a website builder whose drag-and-drop features you can use to design your website. If you need something really custom-made, they also offer web design services. They also offer logo design services.


Concluding remarks on Crazy Domains

The biggest problem that people have with Crazy Domains, repeatedly, is the lack of proper support but then again, it depends on the sort of experience that you have while dealing with the company. There are many long lasting customers who have had no problem with the domain registration and web hosting company. Actually, such experiences are very situation-centric. If you don’t face a problem, you don’t need to contact the support and if you don’t need to contact the support, you neither have good experience nor bad. When you contact the support, you may have good experience and you may have bad experience. But overall, it is quite an affordable web hosting service. Since there is a 60-day moneyback guarantee, if you’re not happy with their service, you can move to another host and if you’re happy, you can stick around.



Start using Crazy Domains!

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