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Start using Easyspace!
Start using Easyspace!

Overall Impression

Support - 83%
Performance - 81%
Stability - 90%
Price - 77%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name Easyspace
Website easyspace.com
Founded 1997
Support Phone 0370 755 5088
Advantages Disadvantages
Affordable & Reasonable Pricing no money back


EasySpace Hosting Review

Being new to website making means that making a website of your own is nothing short of a disconcerting task.

It doesn’t take much to chat with your customers through social media but being in it to win it doing business on the web means you’re going to have to invest in a proper hosting service. If you have been looking far and wide, EasySpace might just be the resource you need.

Having been in the market for over two decades and having made itself the premier destination for people looking to host their WordPress sites, EasySpace might be what you need if you’re looking for a place to start as it even offers newcomers a 63% discount along with and a free Site Builder, a Free Domain and free SSL.



When you go to the EasySpace website on the homepage, at the top, the most prominent component of their website is the domain name search function.

So, you may think that it is a domain registration website, which, it is. But along with enabling you to register a new domain names, it also hosts your website and gives you everything you need to go online.


EasySpace Background

According to the description on their website, EasySpace started providing web hosting services back in 1997. Even till 2000/2001, they were offering 25MB via web space for £ 8 per month. In 2002 the elephant as their logo began to appear on their website.


Key EasySpace benefits

The web hosting plans on EasySpace are more flexible compared to other web hosting companies. You can easily pick and mix the plans according to your exact requirement.

You can practically build your own hosting package by choosing the levels of disk space, email accounts and databases you need.

For example, if you want to website consisting of just a few HTML pages, there is no need to go for lots of disk space and processing power. Similarly, if you need just a single email account, there is no need to pay for multiple email accounts and then leave them unused.

But this flexibility becomes available only when you start using one of their main packages. Another problem with creating customised packages with EasySpace is that even a slight upgrade can cost you more compared to other web hosting companies.

Their Control Panel provides 1-click facilities for CMS systems like WordPress. You also get a coupon for Google AdWords. You can set up Open Exchange to manage your calendars, tasks, documents and contacts. Basic Backup and Restore are available for free.

In all the plans they provide unlimited bandwidth with 100% network uptime guaranteed. You also get your choice of operating system. Control Panel is available with every package. The various server options available with them are:

  • Linux VPS
  • Windows VPS
  • Cloud servers
  • Dedicated servers

SSL certificates and anti-spam and virus protection is included in the plan for the basic needs but if you want to upgrade, you can go for add-on packages.


Hosting features of EasySpace

Primarily, EasySpace provides 3 types of hosting packages, viz.,

  • Standard Hosting
  • Premium Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

Currently, per month they charge £3.60, £6.15 and £8.25 respectively.

The Standard Hosting gives you 10 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, a domain name, 1 MySQL database, 25 mailboxes (25 email ids), PHP 7, 5 GB email storage (in many hosting services you can decide how much of your total space you want to assign to your emails, but not in this case), and a choice between Linux and Windows hosting.

Premium Hosting gets you unlimited SSD storage, and along with other features, you get to create 5 MySQL databases, 50 IMAP mailboxes, use 10 GB email space along with a Linux or Windows option. You also get Backup & Restore.

WordPress Hosting brings you dedicated server support, unlimited bandwidth, FTP and phpMyAdmin (these are also available with the above hosting packages) and of course, Linux hosting because WordPress is PHP-based.


Data security and backups at EasySpace

EasySpace provides SSL certificates from GeoTrust, VeriSign and thwarte. These SSL certificates come with a $ 500,000 warranty with a website seal and UK-based support.

The various SSL packages include RapidSSL Certificates, QuickSSL Premium Certificates, True BusinessID Certificates, True BusinessID with EV and True BusinessID Wildcard.

When it comes to providing server security, EasySpace has 24x7x365 manned security and monitoring, smartcard access to sensitive areas, internal and external CCTV systems, fire alarm systems and security breach alarms.

Although standard backup and restore is available along with whatever package you purchase, advanced backup and restore services can be availed through an upgrade. EasySpace provides Avamar from Dell EMC for efficient backing up, scheduling and providing you total control over how your data should be backed up and how multiple restoration points should be set.


Office 365 subscription with EasySpace

If you don’t want to use Microsoft Exchange or business email with Office 365, you can directly subscribe to Office 365 from the official Microsoft website, but if you intend to use email service under your own domain but through Microsoft Exchange, it is advisable that you avail the service through your web host, in this case EasySpace, because then all the intricacies are taken care of by the hosting service itself. Once set up, you will be able to use your business email through Microsoft Exchange as well as use all the Office suite apps from your own domain.


EasySpace FAQs

 Can I build my website through EasySpace?

Yes, aside from domain registration and web hosting services, EasySpace also provides web design services. In the WordPress hosting package, there are numerous WordPress themes that you can use – these themes can be customised according to your unique business needs.

Can I get a dedicated web hosting server from EasySpace?

A dedicated server gives you full independence. Apart from hosting websites, on a dedicated server you can also run your own apps and scripts. EasySpace provides multiple dedicated server packages including pre-built dedicated servers and GPU dedicated servers.

Can I simply have my email service through EasySpace?

EasySpace offers multiple email hosting packages. You can run your email through Office 365, Microsoft Exchange 2013, and the usual webmail with POP3 facility.

Can I migrate my existing domain to EasySpace?

Although you may have to migrate your website manually once you sign up with EasySpace, if you go for Office 365, they have a dedicated migration service that will enable you to migrate your existing emails, contacts and calendar entries to the new server.


Concluding remarks on EasySpace hosting

Notably, EasySpace does not offer any moneyback guarantee. Immediately when you make a payment, it becomes non-refundable. This can be a bummer for many.

Although there might not be a reason for a refund, merely the fact that they don’t provide it, may send many customers away.

Also, about their service, they don’t specifically mention, as other websites do, that they provide 24×7 customer support.

Their website says that they provide support on weekdays and during “working hours”. What happens if your website goes down during the weekend, after or before the working hours? No answer.

They claim that the support ticket is replied to in less than an hour and the telephone call is answered in less than 5 minutes.

Other than these, they seem to be like nice hosts. Very few customers have problems with them.

If you are looking for a quality service, you may like to check them out but again, remember that they have a no refund policy.




Start using Easyspace!

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