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Eco Hosting

Start using Eco Hosting!
Start using Eco Hosting!

Overall Impression

Support - 88%
Performance - 83%
Stability - 86%
Price - 80%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name Eco Hosting
Website www.ecohosting.co.uk/
Founded 1999
Support Email support@ecohosting.co.uk
Support Phone 02920 00 33 38
Advantages Disadvantages
Affordable & Reasonable Pricing Don’t allow you to host multiple websites
Eco friendly


Eco Hosting Review

Eco Hosting promotes itself as “The Original Green UK Web Host” as their data servers are powered by renewable energy. This is a plus sign if you are conscious about protecting your environment and you would like to associate yourself with businesses that proactively work towards preserving it.


Eco Hosting Background

Eco Hosting has been providing web hosting services since 1999 and right now, as claimed on their website, they are hosting thousands of domains and hosting packages. Since the beginning the founders of the company were conscious about the high-energy usage of the web hosting business (data centres require lots of power and water to keep the servers cool). This is why the pay special stress on using renewable energy to run their data servers. They use energy from solar, wind, tidal and landfill gas emissions. They are also Climate Change Levy Exempt, which is a tax that is imposed to businesses that don’t use eco-friendly technologies or are not in a position to use them.

The company has also contributed towards reforestation projects in Devon, Somerset and South Wales.


Key Eco Hosting Benefits

You can register your website on Eco Hosting and then host it there itself. They provide free migration if you are hosting your website somewhere else, including the entire website, databases and emails.

All their hosting is cPanel-based so it can be assumed that they are not providing Windows hosting. If you are a web design company that would like to provide hosting to its clients, or you would like to run your own web hosting business, there is also a reseller hosting package.

All major website management software applications such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Own Cloud and phpBB can be installed with just one click. Multiple-domain web hosting is available with just the reseller web hosting plans.

Shopping cart interface can be easily incorporated and dummy content is already filled into the shopping cart script so that you can do the testing live.

They also have a mobile interface so you can manage your website by logging into the cPanel dashboard on the go. There is also a free website builder with drag-and-drop capabilities so that you can design your own website quickly.

They offer 100% UK-based server facilities (very useful for businesses based in the UK for faster performance). Regular backups are taken.

If you are into website analytics, great many analytics features are available in the hosting, including error plus access logs, Google site maps, Piwik Analytics, Webalizer, bandwidth stats, advanced counters and much more.

They provide

  • Cloud hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Premium hosting
  • Multiple domains hosting


Hosting features of Eco Hosting

There are different web hosting plans for different needs:

  • Cloud Tier 1
  • Cloud Tier 2
  • Cloud Tier 3

Cloud Tier 1 is the cheapest plan with £ 1.5 per month and £ 14.99 per year. This plan gets you 2 GB of web space, 5 GB of data transfer/bandwidth, 1 domain (ability to host 1 domain), Cloud Linux, 100% SSD cloud hosting, cPanel Control Panel, SSL certificate at an extra cost of £ 9.99, R1 Soft Restore Backups, webmail and web analytics tools. One subdomain is also available.

Interestingly, the tabulation of their various plans mention subdomains and not add-on domains, which means, no matter what plan you go for, you will only be able to manage multiple subdomains, unlike other web hosting companies that allow you to host multiple websites (multiple top-level domains) if they talk of multiple domains. This is a slight confusion you may like to clarify before signing up.

Their most expensive plan, Cloud Tier 3, which costs £ 3.50 per month or £ 39.99 per year, gives you unlimited SSD web space, unlimited bandwidth, again, an ability to host just one domain, unlimited subdomains (not add-on domains, again) and other paraphernalia available in the lower plans.


Eco Hosting FAQs

Is email only hosting available with Eco Hosting?

Yes, email-only hosting is available with Eco Hosting. They have different email hosting packages – the cheapest package that gives you 1 mailbox of 2 GB also gives you a webmail interface, Spam Assassin, encryption, email backup and recovery, IMAP or POP3, mail forwarding and auto responders.

Does Eco Hosting help in case I want to migrate my existing domain to the Eco Hosting servers?

Eco Hosting provides free migration services including all your website files, databases and emails.

Is it necessary that I need to get my domain name registered with Eco Hosting to be able to host my domain over there?

Not necessarily. Your domain can be registered from anywhere – provided you have changed your name servers, you can easily host your domain on Eco Hosting. Though, they also provide domain registration services so you might as well get your domain from there for the sake of convenience.


Concluding remarks on Eco Hosting

Although all the plans offered by Eco Hosting are quite good and also affordable, and then there is also their association with a cleaner environment, and hence, there is nothing to stop you from using their service, one thing that seems odd is, they don’t allow you to host multiple websites no matter which plan you go for. There are many web hosting services on the net that charge less but still allow the customers to host multiple websites. Being an eco-friendly company, they could have charged higher, but there should be at least one plan that allows its customers to host multiple websites.

This might also be because they offer various Reseller Hosting plans that allow you to host multiple websites. So, if you go for one of the Reseller Hosting plans, you can either post your own multiple websites, or you can do this for various clients. Still, this is a slight dampener.




Start using Eco Hosting!

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