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Start using FatCow!
Start using FatCow!

Overall Impression

Support - 81%
Performance - 90%
Stability - 89%
Price - 86%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name FatCow
Website fatcow.com
Founded 1998
Support Email -
Support Phone 1-888-278-9780
Advantages Disadvantages
Really inexpensive shared hosting Simple services
Great support

FatCow Review

Fatcow is a very well-known and respected web hosting company who has been in the industry since the late 90s. One of their main advantages is that they are very affordable. Also, they are one of the simplest and most customer-oriented hosting brands on the web. At the moment, FatCow is one of the best web hosting choices around. There are good and bad parts of their services, and below we neatly listed all of them.


FatCow Background

FatCow does not maintain the most modern site, or cutting edge technology. Instead, their plans are simple to understand and most importantly, to choose from. Also, they are relatively inexpensive. All these facts together make them an appropriate choice for simple websites. Probably this is the main reason why FatCow specifically targets small businesses and beginner web developers.


Key FatCow Benefits

You are probably not aware, but the datacenters that hosting companies use actually consume an extremely immense amount of energy. Their servers run continuously. FatCow is of the few web hosting companies that has taken significant steps to reduce their bad impact on the environment. This decision was followed by their own employees, which speaks a lot about the culture of the company itself. FatCow is 100% wind energy powered.
However, this does not mean they have wind turbines that supply their power. They simply purchase Renewable Energy Certificates with the intent to offset their energy usage. What they have done is a very nice thing, but unfortunately nobody is following their example yet. Anyway, it is a good start.
In case being environmentally friendly is appropriate for your business you can put a small green badge on your website if you host it on FatCow.
Another great benefit – if you have spent some time on researching different web hosting plans and feel confused, you will be more than happy to learn their core hosting services are pretty simple. In addition to simplicity there are a few other features that FatCow offers on their plans that make them appropriate choice for small and medium sized businesses.

  • Enivonmentally-friendly
  • Simple hosting plans
  • Inexpensive prices


Hosting Features of FatCow

FatCow offers a variety of web hosting plans but their original one includes web hosting, of course, point & click site building tools (no programming or HTML knowledge is needed), application installation wizards (which provide step-by-step instructions for adding a variety of applications to your site, including photo galleries, blog software and more), online store and selling tools (shopping carts, catalogs with coupon and sales options, PayPal integration), a customized professional e-mail, search engine and marketing advertising credits ( which makes growing your business and reaching new customers a lot easier), Crew support (available 24/7 via phone and online chat).


FatCow – Control Panel & Usability

Once you register with FatCow, you are given access to your webhosting account. It is mainly comprised by vDeck control panel. Through this panel you will be able to install and download files and content of your websites, configure some settings on your security and check the website performance statistics. Therefore you will have to be fully informed on how to manage your website successfully.
In fact, vDeck is relatively new to the web hosting industry in comparison to cPanel. That said, most webmasters do not have an idea how it operates. But, the situation changed significantly since the release of the latest 4.0 version. However, vDeck is not as user friendly and simple as cPanel, but it definitely has some advantages.


Data Security and Backups

Making any big changes or improvements to your website must be done professionally & neatly. Otherwise, you can even destroy your whole website with just one click. This is the main reason why backups are absolutely mandatory for all sites, and especially business websites. The good news: on all FatCow plans, you get free, automatic daily server backups. In case something goes wrong, you can contact support and ask them to fix it for you.
Using your control panel you can also manually & easily create backups with just a few clicks. We recommend you to do this once in a while in order to have a local copy of your website.
In addition, if your website changes a lot throughout the day, you may also invest in a better backup service.
You can buy a relatively cheap pro plan, which gives additional & more frequent automatic backups. Anyway, remember that free daily backups are generated on all plans.


Hosting for WordPress

FatCow offers two different WordPress plans: WP Starter, which includes the core hosting plan, a customized control panel, pre-installed themes & plugins and a standard support( costs $3.75/month) . The next plan, WP Essential includes all the above mentioned features plus better support, super speed & enhanced security. Also, these plans include hand-picked WordPress themes.


Shared Hosting

Shared hosting features are what FatCow are famous for. Their plans are cheap, because you share the cost and resources of a server with many other customers. They offer two hosting options for WordPress – The original FatCow plan; WP Hosting. The original FatCow plan comes with a variety of features – unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domains. Anyway, bear in mind that when a host says unlimited resources, this actually means a fair amount that is more than most sites will need.


Customer Support

FatCow comes with an extensive online help center and ticketing system, plus step-by-step tutorials for using your account. The provide customer support around-the-clock, chat, Twitter, and email support with calls answered about a minute. Another good thing is that their staff goes through QA testing. Plus, they offer money-back guarantee.


FatCow FAQs

Does FatCow Offer SSL Certificates?

Well, these certificates are not included as a default. But, you can buy them.  

Are iPage and FatCow the Same Company?

The truth is that they are two different hosting businesses owned by Endurance International Group. Nothing else connects them.  

What About Their Uptime & Response Time?

According to Pingdom, FatCow has a response time of 100% and an average response time of 387 milliseconds which is extraordinary good!  


Final Thoughts

FatCow is one of the greatest choices in case you are looking for a simple, affordable web hosting.




Start using FatCow!

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