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Heart Internet

Start using Heart Internet now!
Start using Heart Internet now!
Heart Internet

Overall Impression

Support - 85%
Performance - 88%
Stability - 86%
Price - 87%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name Heart Internet
Website www.heartinternet.uk
Founded 2004
Support Email -
Support Phone 0330 660 0255
Advantages Disadvantages
eXtend control panel Support can be slow from time to time
Offers Shared, VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Heart Internet Review

Heart Internet is one of the biggest web hosting companies in the UK, which is focused mainly on reseller hosting. In fact, their founders claim to be the first people who offer reseller package in 1998 (as a part of Webfusion). This company also offers a wide range of other web hosting plans such as shared hosting, VPS & dedicated hosting. Based in Nottingham, Heart Internet has been a popular domain registrar and hosting provider since 2004. Nowadays owned by GoDaddy, the company now operates with its own centres and networks, offering individual products and services.
An unique thing about them is that the company’s website directly asks you what you’ll need & who you are and what you want to do. Then it recommends you suitable plans. 


Heart Internet Background

Heart Internet says it’s the largest reseller hosting company in the UK, offering high levels of flexibility. It’s founded in 2004, after its founders left Webfusion. Nowadays, they are part of the Host Europe Group which is on of the largest privately-owned hosting companies in the EU.


Key Heart Internet Benefits

Heart Internet uses top-notch technology. Their servers are hosted in state-of-the-art UK data centres. This means a very low ping & fast delivery to the UK audience. Their uptime statistics are also impressive – with 100 % uptime in the past month and 99.98% in the past year with 99,82 % successful requests.
This company also offers all kind of hosting plans including shared hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers. That’s why it is very easy once your blog or shop gets big to move to a larger server without any problems.
The awesome support is one of the most important features Heart Internet can offer you. Their support is 100 % based in the UK and their staff claim to be able to solve any problems. They have 3 contact options – live chat, UK phone and a support ticket system. It’s 24/7/365 available and is completely free. In addition, the support can migrate your content for free from your old hosting.
Also, Heart Internet has the PC Pro Awards Best Web Host – 2013 Award and 97% of their users say they would recommend this hosting to their friends. 


Hosting Features of Heart Internet

Heart Internet offer Linux-based shared hosting under three different plans, which allow some customization.
The Starter web hosting plan is meant for small websites. It provides 5,000 MB of web space, 30,000 MB bandwidth and allows one website. It has a setup fee though. For an additional fee, you can get a lot of awesome features like larger mailboxes, a virus scanner, a mobile website builder, an additional StopTheHacker website security and so on.
The Home Pro web hosting plan is designed for websites that need blogging & ecommerce functionality. It provides unlimited web space & bandwidth and allows only one website. You can also purchase a variety of add-ons.
The Business Pro web hosting plan is designed mainly for small businesses. It offers unlimited web space and bandwidth and allows for three websites. Again, you can purchase add-ons, but a virus scanner is included.Heart Internet offers three VPS plans. Each of them is customizable. You can purchase up to 12 cores, 500 GB of hard drive space and 32 GB of RAM. Also, you can choose among a variety of Windows or Linux based operating system.


Control Panel & Usability

The company provides its own in-house control panel, eXtend. At first glance it is very similar to cPanel. However, it has some differences. Heart Internet provides a useful demo for customrs to try before they buy, which is awesome! Also, eXtend has a useful iPhone or Android app, providing access to website control panels.


Data Security and Backups

You’re the one who is responsible for your backups at Heart Internet. However, their website offers a detailed guide on how to do your own backups via eXtend control panel. This can be considered as a minus since a lot of hosting companies offer free backups performed by them.


Hosting for WordPress

You can install WordPress with just one click. There is absolutely no need to download or upload files, set up databases, or change permissions. Plus, your WordPress website with all its posts, images, files, themes, and plug-ins can be easily migrated. In addition, this feature is completely free.


Shared Hosting

Reseller hosting is what Heart Internet is widely known for. It can be either Windows or Linux-based. It provides unlimited space, bandwidth and domains. Also, you can buy advanced search engine submission, larger mailboxes and an e-mail virus scanner.


Customer Support

Heart Internet has one of the best support teams around. They offer three contact options – live chart, phone & customer ticket support system. In addition, they are really speedy in most cases.
All of the technical support & billing enquiries can & must be raised through their free online customer service system which is accessible from your Heart Internet account control panel. 


Heart Internet FAQs

What Does Heart Internet Do to Prevent DDoS attacks?

Well, they don’t directly answer to this question, mainly because they don’t want to reveal information that potential hackers will try to use. However, they say they invest time & resources to stop a significant number of large attacks happening to their servers. They have concrete plans to even implement further changes to make their structure even more secure.  

Why Do They Offer Customer Support?

First, ticket support ensures that you don’t have to wait on hold whilst someone checks something. You’ll receive a detailed response as soon as possible. Also, it’s much easier to follow written instructions, especially if they are long. In addition, it’s free to all customers.  

Are Their Support Staff Experienced?

Yes. They strive to employ only technical experts who are enthusiastic & friendly. Also, they are 24/7 at your disposal.  

What Are Their Prices?

For their Starter Pro plan, the price is £2.66/mo and £10.00 set up fee + VAT at 20%. For the Home Pro option, the price is £9.49/mo + VAT at 20%. For the Business Pro plan, the price is £13.49/mo + VAT at 20%. For the Reseller plan, the price is £41.99/mo + VAT at 20%.


Final Thoughts

Heart Internet, as a hosting company which is focused mainly on reseller hosting may appeal to customers who need to provide space to clients who are in the UK. Also, this company will appeal to those who prefer to know exactly where their site is hosted. However, for customers who are used to cPanel & have worked only with it, this company may not be the best choice around.
To conclude, Heart Internet is quite good in comparison to other web hosting companies. Its services are fairly comprehensive, and their services are highly customisable. In addition, they offer 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s standard for web hosting, and a risk-free way to give it a try without commitment. 




Start using Heart Internet now!