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Start using Hostek!
Start using Hostek!

Overall Impression

Support - 89%
Performance - 90%
Stability - 95%
Price - 94%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name Hostek
Website hostek.com
Founded 1998
Support Email sales@hostek.com
Support Phone 918-392-7870
Advantages Disadvantages
Good pricing on there hosting packages Limited TLD
Offers Shared, VPS and Dedicated Hosting
Really good 24/7 support

Hostek Review

The purpose of this Hostek.com review is to give you an objective overview of the company and different web hosting options that it provides to individuals as well as businesses.

Most of the web hosting companies these days provide more or less the same gamut of services. For example, if you read the reviews of different web hosting companies, you will notice that almost all of them provide web hosting for Linux and Windows, shared, dedicated and managed and of course, since WordPress is widely being used, they also throw in different WordPress hosting packages.

So, how does a web hosting company distinguish itself? Basically, by catering to niche markets and by providing exceptional-quality service.


Background of Hostek.com

Situated in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hostek.com is one of the oldest web hosting companies going way back to 1998 when it started with just two clients.  Ever since then, it has come a long way and right now it boasts of 15,000+ customers from individuals to multinational companies. Currently they are managing 3000+ servers.

Primarily reputed for providing ColdFusion-based web hosting services, it provides the entire spectrum of hosting services including Linux, Windows and Railo servers. It offers shared, dedicated and managed web hosting services.

To ensure maximum uptime, reliability and performance, Hostek.com has data centers at multiple locations including Central US, East Coast US and the UK.


Key Hostek.com benefits

Hostek.com provides hosting services for possibly all needs including Windows, Linux, WordPress and most importantly, ColdFusion. It is one of the oldest hosting services on the web that has been providing ColdFusion hosting services for many years and have stuck to this category of hosting even when many other hosting companies have abandoned supporting ColdFusion.

It gives 99.99% uptime and there is a 200% credit option in case you suffer downtime and hence, it’s a win-win. Its data centers are scattered over multiple geographic locations and backups are taken in real time. So, your data is secured as well as scattered, ensuring greater security even in the case of natural calamities, accidents and break-ins.

From shared hosting to dedicated hosting and virtual private servers, there is no dearth of options for you when you decide to host your website on Hostek.com servers.

Being a growth-oriented company, it doesn’t sit in its laurels and is constantly coming up with ways to meet the demands of businesses running mission-critical applications. During the years it has expanded its data centers to multiple countries. It provides unparalleled security. It also provides completely customizable hosting packages for all contemporary environments.


Hosting features at Hostek.com

One of its primary offerings is providing the VPS cloud platform. The VPS cloud platform gives you the following options that you may like to review:

  • Windows Cloud VPS
  • ColdFusion VPS
  • cPanel VPS
  • WordPress Optimized VPS
  • WordPress Optimized Servers
  • WordPress Optimized Shared Hosting
  • Windows reseller and ColdFusion reseller hosting

VPS stands for “virtual private server”. Your website still runs on a shared server, but a virtual environment is created that gives you some features of a dedicated server. So, you can run your custom scripts. A greater number of resources are available to you. In case something goes wrong with a website, you have greater protection against it.

Hostek.com also provides shared hosting in which single server can host multiple websites.


Control Panel & Usability

Hostek.com provides “industry standard, full featured, easy-to-use” cPanel control panel. The highly friendly user interface can be used for Linux-based share hosting as well as VPS hosting. Whether it is available with WordPress hosting or not depends on the WordPress hosting package you opt for. The Control Panel allows you to manage every aspect of your hosting including 1-click install feature for all major packages and scripts.


Data Security and Backups

Security and reliability are nonnegotiable whether it’s a very small business or a big enterprise. Hostek.com in this regard provides uncompromised round-the-clock security to both digital as well as physical infrastructure. In terms of physical security, it ensures the following at all its data centers:

  • 24/7 manual security
  • Biometric access control
  • Round-the-clock CCTV monitoring
  • Photo ID-based access cards

For network security, during the writing of the review, we found that Hostek.com has the following provisions:

  • IPS/IDS (intrusion prevention system/intrusion detection system).
  • Managed redundant backbones to ensure strategic duplication.
  • Multiple 10 GigE connections, which is an Ethernet-based technology that offers data speeds up to 10 billion bits per second.

Uninterrupted power and protection from power surges is also one of the biggest concerns when managing data centers. To keep the servers running Hostek.com has taken the following steps:

  • Redundant power grid feeds
  • Multiple UPS systems
  • Redundant diesel generators

Priority diesel fuel in contracts


Hosting for WordPress

Hostek.com provides WordPress hosting in three formats: WordPress Optimized Servers for Enterprise & business class; WordPress Optimized VPS for Developer and Small Start-up Class and WordPress Optimized Shared Hosting for smaller websites. Although you can easily run a WordPress website by installing it from cPanel even within regular Linux hosting, a big benefit of opting for WordPress hosting is that once you log into your account, you find that the WordPress setup is already there and you simply have to customize the layout and add the content to make your website functional.

WordPress no longer remains in the realms of casual blogging. With more than 33% websites being managed with WordPress all over the world, if you’re running a website, there is a great chance that it is being powered by WordPress.

For smaller businesses, Hostek.com offers “WordPress VPS – Lite” that costs you as little as $ 49.99 per month. If you want to set the ball rolling or if you have been managing through shared hosting and would like to explore the power of VPS, this is a good entry level package for you. A cursory review of the options available for this entry-level package gives you

  • 2 cores processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 50 GB fast SSD space
  • Page Load Booster that makes your website run faster
  • Web application firewall for greater security – it also includes CDN
  • cPanel access (normally web hosts don’t give cPanel access with WordPress, but this VPS package gives you that for greater flexibility)
  • Free migration assistance
  • Root/SSH remote access
  • 1 website to run

Why you should definitely check out the WordPress VPS hosting by Hostek.com?

Reliability and security. Every package under this category comes with free SSL certificates for your domains. Its firewall protects you against DDoS attacks, SQL injection and zero-day exploits. Content delivery network that comes free with this hosting option gives you smart caching options, reduced server load and real-time GZIP compression, among many other features. It also gives you geo-blocking options for individual countries and instant blocking of hackers and aggressive bots.


Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, a single server can host multiple websites. This is good for smaller websites when neither much storage space is needed, nor much bandwidth is required. This means a single server can accommodate multiple websites without crashing or causing server timeouts. This makes web hosting affordable to even very small businesses. The IP address is common. The features are also shared among different websites. The problem is that if a single domain ends up hogging server resources, it can impact other websites too.

In shared hosting, Hostek.com offers WordPress optimized shared hosting, Windows shared hosting, ColdFusion shared hosting, cPanel-powered shared hosting and Lucee shared hosting. Under the same category, it also offers the Windows reseller and ColdFusion reseller programs.


Customer Support

One of the biggest selling points at Hostek.com is its unmitigated customer support. It provides 24 x 7 support to its customers for all its hosting packages. It has its own in-house customer support team based in the same region. Their average ticket response is measured in minutes and not hours. It allows its customers to contact support using various means including online chat, direct calling an email.


Hostek.com FAQs

Can I switch to different billing formats in the middle of my hosting?

Whereas Hostek.com has annual and monthly billing cycles but midway if you want to change your plan or the playing option, you can submit a ticket to their billing department. In most of the cases, there shouldn’t be a problem and you should be able to switch between different billing formats without a hitch.

Is VPS available for WordPress?

WordPress hosting is definitely available with VPS. In fact, Hostek.com has multiple packages including WordPress VPS-lite, WordPress VPS-Express and tailored packages.

Can I give Control Panel access to selected customers?

Talking about reseller packages? Yes, you can definitely give access to selected customers with both their WCP/MochaPanel and cPanel. In fact, you can give limited access to only certain parts of the Control Panel, if you wish.

Can I have Windows and Linux hosting in the same plan?

If you’re using ColdFusion, then yes. It may depend on your package and the number of domains your hosting, but you can definitely enjoy the capabilities of both the operating systems if you are hosting your website using ColdFusion.

Can I have HTML, PHP and .NET files with my ColdFusion server?

It depends on which files can function properly in which environment. Yes, broadly, you can use these file extensions on your ColdFusion server. If you are running ColdFusion on Windows, you can easily create HTML, PHP and .NET files. If you have Linux/cPanel-based ColdFusion hosting, then you can run HTML and PHP files.


Final Thoughts

The pioneering hosting company has primarily made a name for itself for ColdFusion hosting. ColdFusion is an old technology. Very powerful, but very few hosting companies are providing ColdFusion hosting so if you’re looking for this option, Hostek.com is one of the best options for you. Aside from this, it provides hosting packages for all arenas including Windows, Linux, shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. As a hosting company, you can bet on it with your business but if you’re running your website on ColdFusion, it is one of the most reliable hosting partners.




Start using Hostek!

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