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InMotion Hosting

Start using InMotion Hosting!
Start using InMotion Hosting!

Overall Impression

Support - 93%
Performance - 76%
Stability - 93%
Price - 96%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name InMotion
Website www.inmotionhosting.com
Founded 2001
Support Email -
Support Phone 888.321.HOST(4678)
Advantages Disadvantages
Affordable Pricing No Windows-based plans
One of the biggest brands in the UK

InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion are among the biggest hosting companies around. So, chances are you either used them or at least heard about them. You can ask any web developer and chances are they know who InMotion Hosting are.
They’ve been around for some time and have invested in innovation to stay at the top of the industry.


InMotion Background

Established in 2001, InMotion has now a customer base of over 300,000 domains with data centers in Los Angeles & Virginia Beach. Little known fact is that they also own Web Hosting Hub, which is mainly targeted towards bloggers.
As one of the oldest companies around, they also claim to be number one in support & transfers. However, bear in mind that big companies also have their disadvantages.


Key InMotion Benefits

InMotion performs well on the big three areas of uptime, speed, and support. They also provide a few extras which most customers may find useful.
Average uptime of 99.97% – InMotion’s uptime is currently 99.97%, which is better than the industry average. In fact, statistics show that they are really consistent.
Fast servers – fast loading isn’t the only important thing here. Speed is also a factor in Google’s algorithm. For instance, if your site doesn’t load within two seconds, half of your traffic will bounce.
Stats show that InMotion followed their strong uptime performance with an average page loading times of 701 ms, which is 41 % faster than the competition’s average of 1185ms.
Customer support – InMotion has competent & knowledgeable staff. In addition, their support is pretty fast.


Hosting Features of InMotion

InMotion offers an impressive amount of hosting plans & features. They offer:
Shared hosting – you can host a website on a server shared by other websites. All server resources such as CPU time, memory and disk space are all shared by all accounts.
Reseller hosting – you can rent server space from a hosting provider and sublet server space to other website using a specific type of website hosting service.
VPS Hosting – with this plan, you can host an account on virtual servers where overall server resources are shared across all accounts.
Dedicated hosting – you can use a private server that is either managed or unmanaged. Users usually have access to all resources available on the machine. These resources are not shared with any other accounts, unlike VPS hosting.
Colocation Services – you can own and manage a private server housed by the hosting provider.


Control Panel & Usability

InMotion uses the industry-standard cPanel. However, there are some serious customizations which makes cPanel more useful. It has all the main sections: preferences, email, domains, applications, software, files, databases, metrics, security, advanced. Below we listed the differences:
Softaculous installer – a lot of other hosts have this feature, because it’s awesome. It gives you an easy way to install 400 applications, including CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.
Cron jobs – you can easily create scripts that automatically perform some work. You can hire a developer to add some custom site functionality.
Multiple database options – With this feature, you can have access to MySQL & PostgresQL in your cPanel, which is awesome! Most hosts only support a single type of database.
Custom error pages – you can easily build your own custom 404 pages.
SSH access – this awesome feature lets you manage your site files through a command line. It’s also a feature that a lot of other hosts do not offer.


Data Security and Backups

InMotion offers free data backups – but only on shared hosts. You’ll have to do them manually or pay extra with other plans.


Hosting for WordPress

InMotion offers a lot of WordPress hosting plans. You also receive a free website migration or get started on a new website with WordPress pre-intstalled. Below we listed the main plans:
WP-1000S – appropriate for small blogs. You can now receive a free domain, 1 website, 20, 000 monthly visitors, 40GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts for just $4.99/mo.
WP-2000S – appropriate for small business & blogging. You get one free domain, 2 websites, 50,000 monthly visitors, 80GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, premium themes and plugins subscription for just $8.99/mo.
WP-3000S – for developers & growing businesses. You get 1 free domain, 3 websites, 125,000 monthly visitors, 120GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, premium themes and plugins subscription.
WP-4000S – You get 1 free domain, 6 websites, 300,000 monthly visitors, 160GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, premium themes and plugins subscribed, free dedicated IP.
WP-5000S – 1 free domain, 10 websites, 600,000 monthly visitors, 200GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, premium themes and plugins subscription, free dedicated IP.
WP-6000S – the ultimate WordPress performance – you get 1 free domain, 20 websites, 1,200,000 monthly visitors, 240GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, premium themes and plugins subscription, free dedicated IP.


Shared Hosting

InMotion offers 3 shared hosting plans:
Launch – for just $2.95 you get a free domain, 2 websites, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, marketing tools & security suite.
Power – for $4.49 you get a free domain, 6 websites, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, 2x performance, marketing tools, security suite.
Pro – for $7.49 you get a free domain, unlimited websites, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, 4x performance, marketing tools, SecuritySuite, Pro Level support.


Customer Support

InMotion claim that their support is really fast & professional which is true. There are four different ways to get support: live chat, email, phone, submitting a ticket.


InMotion FAQs

Do InMotion offer Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, they do offer a 90-day money back guarantee on Business Class plans. The company claims that once you request a refund, they’ll do it with no questions asked. However, there is no refund for domain names. Monthly contracts have a one month money back guarantee.

How Long Will I Take to Set Up an Account?

In most cases, your account will be activated the same business day.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover. The only specific thing is that if payments by check or money order are made, they must be mailed to their mailing address.  

Can I Possibly Use Awstats?


Final Thoughts

Overall, InMotion offers a great amount of value for the cost of their plans(but they are not cheap). A hosting company with a lot of experience in the field with a lot of awesome hosting features & packages.




Start using InMotion Hosting!