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Start using iPage now!
Start using iPage now!

Overall Impression

Support - 77%
Performance - 71%
Stability - 78%
Price - 81%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name iPage
Website ipage.com
Founded 1998
Support Email -
Support Phone 1-877-472-4399
Advantages Disadvantages
Cheap pricing Pricey domain names
Good Support

iPage Review

iPage Hosting is an Endurance International Group brand, acquired in 2010 from the founder Thomas Gorny.
EIG has been around the business for about 20 years which makes them really respectable.
In fact, EIG owns some huge names in the web hosting world, like FatCow, Bluehost, HostMonster, Just Host, PowWeb, EasyCGI, StartLogic, Dot5Hosting, VPSLinks, and more.
Started in 1998, iPage Hosting has offices in six worldwide locations serving over one million websites two data centers in the U.S. They’re big & well known, but their performance has been always between average and poor.


iPage Background

iPage was established in 1998 in Boston, MA and has grown into one of the most successful economical web hosting companies. iPage offers domain registrations, shared, VPS and dedicated hosting and their platform is powering over one million websites. 


Key iPage Benefits

iPage is probably the cheapest hosting option around the web. Like, really cheap. Also, their support is pretty decent. They are partners with SiteLock, which is a great advantage. This means there is always someone who worries about the potential security issues or problems.
iPage Hosting comes at really affordable prices – in fact, they are one of the cheapest web hosts available in the marketplace.
This applies not only with their long-term deals, but also with their shorter offers. This means you won’t have to make a three-year deal in order to receive good prices – unlike other hosting companies.
Also, they have a good customer support. In fact, we don’t always expect the lowest cost provider to have good support. But, iPage provides decent support through phone, email and live chat.
All iPage Hosting plans come with a SiteLock security suite, which is an additional security frontline.
According to a study iPage & SiteLock performed 12% of subscriber sites contained malware at some point in 2014.
SiteLock helps prevent unwanted security breaches by regularly scanning for malware issues. This also includes SiteLock going and removing the malicious stuff from your website, depending on the hosting plan you choose.
Also, they’ll use a firewall to help prevent any security problems. For instance, running a site with outdated plugins makes the website a potential target.
Best of all, they’ll also include daily backups.
Those are really some awesome features bearing in mind their affordable costs. 


Hosting Features of iPage

iPage offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth – not all web hosting companies offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Most place limits on how many Gigabytes of space you can use on their server, or the amount of traffic you can make. To be honest, this is quite limiting. iPage gives you more freedom when it comes to the management of your website.
Unlimited e-mail accounts and MySQL databases – this hosting company lets you create an unlimited number of email accounts & MySQL databases. For example, you can use support@yourdomain.com for technical issues, and billing@yourdomain.com for the billing department. MySQL databases are used to store records of relevant information such as usernames and passwords. This means unlimited records and unlimited number of users on your website.


Control Panel & Usability

iPage uses its own control panel – it includes simplified design, quick access to most-used tools, improved billing central, easy sign-up, consistent navigation and experience & faster website creation.
In fact, iPage’s control panel is powered by the vDeck. The vDeck is actually recognized as an intuitive and easy option for a number for reasons. We neatly listed the main advantages of vDeck below:
You can customize the widgets to suit your needs. This makes managing your website so much easier.
With a click of a button, you can backup and restore your website moments.
It also includes SimpleScript, which is a handy feature that allows you to install scripts on your website. Even easier to manage your website.


Data Security and Backups

You can easily do you own backups with their systems. However, a free daily backup is also provided. 


Hosting for WordPress

iPage offers two hosting plans: WP Starter for $3.75/mo* includes core hosting plan , customized control panel, pre-installed themes & plugins, support.
With the other plan – WP Essential, $6.95/mo* you get the same as the WP Starter plan plus super speed & enhanced security.
All plans feature a selection of the most popular WordPress themes, pre-installed plugins & customized control panel.


Shared Hosting

iPage offers only one hosting plan called the ‘The Essential Plan” – this plan costs $1.99 per month when you first sign up and can cost up to $11.95 per month when it’s time to renew your hosting.
The plan comes with unlimited storage, bandwidth, domain names and MySQL databases. It also includes apps & integrations.


Customer Support

iPage claims that 3 things are important for them when it comes to customer support – website, email & security. They provide 24/7 customer support, claim to have no more 2 minutes maximum waiting time for their customers. Also, their staff is knowledgeable and trained.


iPage FAQs

Does iPage bill monthly or yearly?

Currently, iPage has a monthly option for payment.

Does iPage have a good SiteBuilder?

Well, we think iPage’s site builder is easy-to-use, but a little outdated. Currently, they are using an older version of Weebly.  

Can I use WordPress on iPage?

Yes. In just a few clicks, you can have your WordPress website up and running!  

Can I use my domain with iPage?

Yes. You simply need to change the settings of your DNS.

Does iPage give you an email?

Yes, you can have yourname@yourwebsite.com and any number of additional emails. Also, it’s pretty easy to set.

Does iPage include CMS options?

 You can choose from 1-click installations of WordPress, Drupal, B2Evolution and many more CMS options. 


Final Thoughts

Aimed primarily at first-time owners, iPage offers a full security suite to keep your site running without worry. Daily malware scans, spam scans, and constant network monitoring are just some of the additional benefits.
To sum up, from site-building tools & a free domain to a jump-start on online business, iPage makes all that easy!




Start using iPage now!