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Start using NameCheap today!
Start using NameCheap today!

Overall Impression

Support - 85%
Performance - 76%
Stability - 89%
Price - 90%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name NameCheap
Website namecheap.com
Founded 2003
Support Email -
Support Phone -
Advantages Disadvantages
Good pricing on all hosting packages No phone support
Offers Cloud, VPS, Reseller and Dedicated Hosting

NameCheap Review

There a lot of web hosting companies nowadays and it’s hard to choose the right one for you. When you think of the name NameCheap, the last thing that comes to your mind is probably web hosting. However, this company has been offering solid beginner-friendly hosting for the past 10 years. In fact, they offer you domains, to host your site, and purchase any necessary add-ons, all in one place. They strive to provide a transparent, easy to use hosting service. They offer backups, advanced security, and datacentre choice into all of its hosting packages.


NameCheap Background

NameCheap is a domain registrar, found in 2000 and is offering web hosting services since 2007.
Their website shows different types of web hosting – shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, managed WordPress hosting. In fact, they offer a lot web hosting options bearing in mind they are so new.


Key NameCheap Benefits

This company has a few benefits, and below we neatly listed them:
Free domain & migration – you will receive a free domain name when you sign up. In case you have a website somewhere else, they will help you migrate the service for free too.
30-day Money-Back Guarantee – like most web hosting companies, NameCheap offer 30-day money back guarantee. You have a full month to see if you like their service.
Solid plan – a lot of web hosting companies promise you unlimited resources. But, usually after you sign up with them you see that this isn’t the case. NameCheap are different. They do offer unmetered bandwidth even on their cheapest plan. Also, they give you access to the standard features like cPanel access and apps like WordPress.
Also, the cheapest plan includes a free SSL certificate for the first year. After that you will have to pay. In addition, you will get 50 MySQL databases(which is really a lot!). You can also you can setup three websites on this plan. This is awesome in case you have several sites! They also allow up to 50 email addresses.


Hosting Features of NameCheap

This company is really independent. Usually, a lot of budget hosting companies are actually owned and operated by bigger corporations. However, this means no hidden fees, their pricing is fairly transparent and no upsells. This doesn’t mean their service is of the highest quality, but with so many other hosting companies hiding behind pricey renewals and a lot of hidden fees, this is a promising beginning.
NameCheap’s shared hosting is really a good option. However, they offer also VPS, reseller, dedicated, and managed WordPress hosting. Their shared hosting is one of the cheapest plans available.
Their sign up process is really simple and not complicated. When you sign up, you will receive an email with your login details, log in and then watch a guided tutorial on how to use your account properly.
Outstanding uptime guarantee – most web hosting companies do not offer 100% uptime guarantee. This is incredibly hard to provide! However, NameCheap’s shared hosting promises that! For the rest of the plans, the guarantee is 99.9%. However, if your website goes down there’s also a compensation package.
Easy upgrade – in case your needs as a customer grow, you can always upgrade really easy to a better plan. A great plus is that you don’t have to wait for the end of your billing cycle.


Control Panel & Usability

NameCheap uses the industry-standard cPanel.


Data Security and Backups

It’s easy to forget backing up your site. It’s great that NameCheap’s does backups. They are done twice a week, regardless of the hosting package you choose. Usually, the backups performed by hosting companies are pretty limited. This is not the case with NameCheap. Their backups are incredibly in-depth.
Security – this company offers a variety of firewalls in order to protect the server infrastructure. Also, their systems are tested and updated on a regular basis. You can also protect your site – in your cPanel, you will notice a few different security apps and you can install them to bolster the security of your site. You can do things like: use the IP blocker tool to block some problematic IP addresses from accessing your site; use HotLink protection to prevent another site from directly linking to an image hosted on your server; use Leech Protect in order to make the management of your passwords easier; install an SSL certificate on your site (bear in mind, you will have to buy the certificate separately).


Hosting for WordPress

NameCheap has recently released its own version of managed WordPress hosting dubbed EasyWP with which setting up your website is super easy. You can go from having no website to having your own WordPress site in an hour. Also, with managed hosting, you won’t have to deal with technical settings your hosting. No cPanel, no DNS records, or anything else. Managing is easily done through EasyWP panel. Managed WordPress hosting is literally lifesafer for newbie webmasters – we can’t recommend this option enough!


Shared Hosting

NameCheap offers great shared hosting service with their 100% uptime guarantee!


Customer Support

Customer support sometimes can be tricky to judge accurately. NameCheap offers some support options like live chat and a helpdesk. However, there is no phone support available. Overall, their support is pretty good.


NameCheap FAQs

What type of hosting do they provide?

They provide shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated server hosting.

Are there any hidden fees I have to worry about? >

This hosting company doesn’t appear to have any type of hidden fees. However, customers have to bear in mind that renewal prices are quite different than the introductory ones.


Final Thoughts

NameCheap is a solid, budget-friendly web hosting choice. They definitely have their disadvantages, but overall, their services are solid & affordable. Their focus on security and backups are really cool additional features.




Start using NameCheap today!

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