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Start using One.com!
Start using One.com!

Overall Impression

Support - 82%
Performance - 87%
Stability - 90%
Price - 88%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name One.com
Website one.com
Founded 2002
Support Email support@se.one.com
Support Phone +46 8 40838274
Advantages Disadvantages
Multiple languages support Shared hosting only
Very affordable

One.com Review

In the world of web hosting, it is only wise to create a niche for yourself and One.com seem to know this all too well. One.com is therefore what you are in need of if you’ve been searching for blog support and quick-fire site creation. If you are simply in need of something to use to stamp your online presence, their hosting options should serve you well.
The Starter is the company’s most affordable package at only $1.89 monthly ($22.68 annually), making it one of the most affordable packages in the industry. For that amount, you get a good-looking website, a photo gallery, a file manager, some reporting tools and cloud storage enough for individuals but a little on the low end for businesses. 


One.com Background

One.com, initially known as B-one, was established in Denmark in the year 2002 by Jacob Jensen. The company has since grown to the point of accommodating 1.5 million customers from over 140 different countries worldwide and has employed more than 250 employees. The company has servers in Dubai (Dubai Internet City), India, The Philipines and Denmark. The company also employs the use of Server Name Indication which makes it possible for you to have multiple different SSL certificates under the same IP address. All customers of the company, therefore, have free access to SSL Certificates.


Key One.com Benefits

The site offers you excellent up time. PC Magazine Netherlands and Belgium reported in the July-August issue of 2009 that the site had an uptime of 99.99% over a 979-day testing period. This is 0.20% higher than the 99.79% industry standard.
Great customer care is at your disposal as well as you have the option of speaking to a customer care agent in one of seven languages. You also have access to a library of tutorials and information to help you along.
Finally, you have access to unbeatable pricing as there are very few companies offering hosting services to you that is cheaper than One.com’s free first year. The only downside is that you have to pay for whole years at once rather than having the monthly plan. 

  • Mighty affordable hosting plans
  • Very friendly and competent customer care
  • Nearly infinite uptime


Hosting Features 

One.com has four main hosting features, the first is the site builder which is included in all the payment plans available. This means you can get your site up with minimal coding knowledge and in little time too. You are also offered unlimited email hosting with POP3 and IMAP. You could choose your email program or simply employ One.Com’s webmail platform with spam filtering and virus protection.
What’s more, you are afforded lots of transfer, storage and databases with the transfers protected by SSL encryption and in spite of the lack of need for coding languages, you can program with MySQL in order to store data and make your site more dynamic. To boost your security, the servers are monitored 24/7 to prevent downtime and Sitelock is in use. 


Control Panel & Usability

One.com does not use cPanel but employs a far much less technical (beginner friendly) control panel of their own making. All you need to do to access this control panel is log in and after your One.com verification, you’re whisked off to your dashboard which is also the control panel.
From the One.Com control panel, you could do tasks of the same effect as what cPanel can do. These tasks include the management of email accounts, the creation of websites using website builders, easy one-click installation of WordPress, easy management of files and databases, seeing data collected about your website by One among other things. Access to a feature is only restricted when your payments are not updated. 


Data Security and Backups

One.com offers you Sitelock in the protection of your site. Sitelock is software that runs through website data in search of malware and vulnerabilities picking up not only threats and attacks but also fixing loopholes in your site. The site also uses SSL security to keep your site from danger. SSL is free to use, so you only need to activate it in the SSL section of the control panel. You could also save back-ups on your site but the backups eat into your allocated storage.


Hosting for WordPress

One.Com also takes care of subscribers with a preference for WordPress in their site construction. This is done through the provision of WordPress specific packages. They are slightly a bit more costly than the shared hosting plans but in paying a little extra, you get the free Comodo SSL certificate, support for as many WordPress sites as you would like and even the unlikely dedicated RAM (2 GB in the most affordable package) and disk space allocation.
What’s more, you get several databases, better back-up and restoration services, an infinite number of email accounts and secured site access. It cannot go without mention that getting started with WordPress here is as simple as a one-click installation. Also, you get access to several themes from the WordPress open source community of developers. 


Shared Hosting

The site only offers you one shared hosting plan. Don’t frown as the plan has a lot to inspire desire: a website builder, email services, one-click WordPress setup and a couple more facilities. The company does not offer you any more hosting services- neither is there VPS nor is dedicated hosting.
The pricing is dependent on the amount of storage you get with your plan which ranges from 15 Gigabytes in the most affordable package to 2 Terabytes in the higher end. With the current ongoing promotion, you could score those 15 Gigabytes free of charge for your first year. All the One.com plans afford you unmetered bandwidth and catering for email. 


Customer Support

One.Com has 24 hours a day live chat available to you if you come across trouble and the company’s customer care staff is well versed in technical matters. What’s even more impressive is that the customer care staff can speak up to 7 languages including Danish and Portuguese. You are not only able to contact the customer care team through live chat but also through phone calls and email being the slowest with you having to wait, sometimes up to a day, before receiving a response. Apart from speaking to customer care, there are resources and tutorials at your disposal on the site.



One.com FAQs

Where Is The Control Panel? I’d Like To Change My Password.

The control panel is accessed through a button on the upper right-hand corner of the website’s pages. You can change your password by simply clicking on the password option in the control panel menu and selecting “Password”. Thereafter, enter your old password and your new password and you’ll be through.  

Where Is The Disk Usage For My Web Space?

Worried that you could have depleted your only metered resource? You could simply check in the Disk Space location after having logged on the control panel. You should see how much disk space has been used and which exact domain. You could also add or reduce disk space by clicking the edit button.  

I Made My Payment But My Control Panel Hasn’t Been Updated. Help.

It takes the control panel a couple of days to stop showing you the banner and to allow you to use the applications and control panel software as usual again. Do call or contact customer care via live chat, however, if the control panel has been inaccessible for a period of over 2 weeks.  

How Do I Make Payments?

You could make payments by simply logging in to your control panel and clicking “Payment of outstanding invoice” and then checking the boxes for the invoices you need fulfilled. Select your payment method and then click “Approve”. You can pay using Credit Cards and PayPal (Only in the Eurozone, Mexico, Canada, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and Russia).


Final Thoughts

One.com is a pretty good place to begin if you’re new to web hosting and would simply like to get online as soon as possible. They even make it easier for you by lowering their price to nothing for your first year with them. They also don’t use cPanel but make use of a control panel they made themselves that is far much easier for beginners to use.
One.com also have uptime that should not disappoint you. Their uptimes clock in at 99.99%- a number almost impossible to believe. It is also good to know that if you do ever come across downtime, you could be helped back up in no time as the customer care team is quite knowledgeable. One.com is a great place to start at.




Start using One.com!

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