Spread your website out on different IP's on One Server!

SEO Hosting

If you make money on your websites and therefore aim to get really high on Google, you should use SEO Hosting. If you use SEO Hosting, you get unique IP addresses for each site you have, which benefits your search engine optimization drastically.


SEO Hosting as we recommend

First of all, companies who has multipel websites, landing pages or different applications should always use different IP’s for their services. Having them all on the same IP is a big nono! One other thing they you can do is spread them out over different hosting providers, but let’s say you have 10 sites, then you need 10 different hosting providers, this means 10 logins, 10 invoices, 10 different support contacts to chat to when ever something is wrong. Having them all on 1 server with 10 IP’s simplifies life for you, it gives you 1 login, 1 invoice and 1 contact person. Now in regards to this, we do have 1 hosting provider we want to recommend:


SEO Hosting Stars

SEO Hosting Stars offers SEO Hosting to customers worldwide, they can offer you IP address hosting from over 20 countries that will help you rank on search engines. With VPS and Dedicated Server solutions, you can choose the solution that suits you and your needs.

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Why SEO Hosting?


Webmasters who have many sites usually link the sites to each other and sometimes also create sites whose sole purpose is to link them to their most important sites. The advantage of linking is that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo like links which make 

Host all your sites on one server with multiple IP's

the sites rank higher. Link building is the most important tool the webmaster has when it comes to SEO.

Now, unfortunately, search engines have started to know if the websites linked to each other are hosted by the same server. This means that if you have two homepages on the same server and link them to each other, Google notices it and you do not earn the link to each other. Sometimes you can even be punished by the search engines and end up further down the search rank than you would otherwise have done. Google and other search engines do not like trying to lift their own sites with links.

If you use SEO Hosting, this problem is solved. Then all your sites get unique IP addresses and then the search engines do not know that the sites have the same webmaster. Then you can easily build links that elevate your sites without risking being punished.