SSL Certificates

SSL Certificate

What is SSL Certificate? An SSL Certificate is about as important to your website as an ID card is for you personally. It works as an electronic legitimacy of the site. It ensures the identity of the page and who owns it. This makes it safe for your visitors to visit the page and it is a must to have if you have thought to be able to charge via your website. Personal and bank details are not protected if there is no such certificate for the website that manages the payments.


Who issues the certificate?

So in response to the question – What is SSL Certificate? Can we reply that it is an ID card for your site. ID cards can not be issued by anyone, even for websites. Or? Yes, you can issue your SSL Certificate yourself. However, there will be a warning text to all your visitors on the page that you do not have a completely secure certificate – which might scare away many.Secure your website with SSL Certificate


It is often better to apply for a certificate issued by a Certificate Authority. Then someone else is certifying that your domain is verified. The issuer then confirms that in fact, you actually own the domain by sending email to an address that only the website owner is assumed to have access to. This is, of course, insufficient from a security point of view, as e-mail addresses can be easily taken over by unauthorized persons. A domain verification also says nothing about the company that is believed to be behind the website.


Different types of certificates

There is therefore not only an answer to the question What is SSL Certificate? There are several variants of the certificate, including the previously mentioned domain validation, called DV, but there are also extended certificates such as OV organization validation, as well as EV – Extended Validation. These validations are all one step closer to a completely secure website with both verified owners and organizations. With Extended Validation, security is on par with the internet bank.


In addition to domain validation, organizational validation may be desirable in cases where it is a company or organization behind the site. In order to receive a certificate that validates the organization, the information you provide should be confirmed by your company or organization by the issuer of the certificate – thanks to this, the website’s security and credibility will further increase. The SSL Certificate with the highest security checks on issue is Extended Validation, as it is the same certificate that many internet banks use.


Who needs an SSL Certificate?

Anyone who wants a site with a confirmed identity and security needs an SSL Certificate. You can issue your certificate yourself, but it’s likely to scare away your visitors when they are warned before entering the site. What kind of certificate you need depends on whether you create the site as an individual or as a company or organization, and what is meant to be your visitors to the webpage you provide.