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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Host

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The host you choose for your website has a large bearing on how it performs on the world wide web. It will determine the speed at which your pages load and how much traffic your website can handle at a time.

A site that takes long to load will see visitors leaving. Stats show that, on average, page visitors have no patience to wait for sites that take over seven seconds to load. Moreover, people get bored with sites that have regular downtimes.

Most people are concerned about cost when picking a web host. Over and above that, you should also consider the following factors:

Number of Sites Handled

Sometimes (especially for low-cost hosting) web hosts run several websites on the same server. If all of these websites are receiving a lot of visitors, they are likely to be slow as the server responds to all those requests. You should go for a web host with the least number of sites possible. If possible, opt for a host that does not host large websites like popular news websites.

The Type of Your Website

There are different kinds of websites e.g news sites, business sites, informational sites etc. All these sites carry different types and sie of data. Some have more text while others are dominated by photos, audio and video. If your site carries a lot of data, it will need a dedicated host to run smoothly. If you are running a light website, however, a shared host will serve you well.

Host reputation

You need to do your background check before settling for a web host. Not all hosts offer what they promise. How easily reachable, for instance, will your host be when you are having downtime and need assistance? Do not settle for a cheap host who will keep inconveniencing you.



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