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Start using TSO Host!
Start using TSO Host!
TSO Host

Overall Impression

Support - 82%
Performance - 95%
Stability - 89%
Price - 90%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name TSO Host
Website tsohost.com
Founded 2003
Support Email -
Support Phone 01628 200 161
Advantages Disadvantages
99.98% Average Uptime No free domain name on select plans
Page Loading Times 32% Faster than the Competition

TSO Host Review

Web hosting is typically a service that is provided by a number of companies today. These services allow an individual or organizations to post their web pages and websites on the internet. Creating a website is a fun activity that may not require a lot of considerations. While looking for a host, however, you ought to be keener and very objective about what you need.
TSOhosting is an incredible hosting services provider. The company has been in operation since the year 2003. It has grown to host more than five hundred thousand websites from its base in the UK. The company is very objective in its business’ growth and providing quality services to its clients. 



TSOHost unlike most of the hosting service providers has proved consistency in its operations. Since its inception in 2003, it has been led by the very same people. When most companies grow to a certain scale, they sell out part of their operations to other operators. This company is constantly growing and provides security for its clients. They have security certificates, for example, SSL, that ensure sensitive and confidential information that is collected is stored safely. They also have other security measures such as managed hardware firewalls and domain privacy protection.


Key TSO Host Benefits

TSOHost is the most efficient in matters of uptime. Compared to other competitors in the market, they emerge on top of the list. This helps the clients to have their website online for at least 99% of the time on a monthly basis.
TSOHost is very transparent in its pricing plans.Most of its competitors put in ridiculously low prices to attract clients, and then change them afterward when it’s too late for the customers to withdraw. For TSOHOST, the prices they put up on their website are the actual prices that one pays upon subscription.
TSOHost have the best support system. They use all the available channels to offer customer services to their clients. Their response is fast and very transparent. The company also has a strong phone support that runs from 7 am to midnight GMT.

  • TSOHost has very strict conditions of making renewals and payments
  • It is quite hard to transact with TSOHost if one is living outside the UK
  • Some select plans on TSOHost have no provision for a free domain name


Hosting Features 

For the personal plan, they offer unlimited bandwidth, a storage space of five hundred MB and a free domain name. The personal plan also has a mailbox of 5*200. Their startup package has a storage space of fifteen GB, 100*200 MB mailboxes, and an unlimited bandwidth. The plan also contains an SSL support and a free domain name.
TSOHost has a business plan. It has a storage space of 50 GB and a 100*1 GB mailboxes. The plan has an unlimited bandwidth, with an encrypted SSL support. In addition, it has a free domain name and a free standard SSL. The eCommerce plan is definitely very attractive in terms of storage. It has 100 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth e-commerce migrations and a free domain name. 


Control Panel & Usability

TSOHost has a control panel. All the information needed to access it is provided in an email that one receives after signing up for either of the available packages. There is also a link in the email that redirects one on clicking to the log in site.
One can change their control panel username and password in the TSOHost client area. The control panel is helpful to the website admin. It allows the host to create a database, create email addresses and control the website’s files. The panel also assists in the traffic monitoring where one is able to view the number of visitors that have viewed the site. 


Data Security and Backups

TSOHost have gone a long way to ensuring that all your data is secure and that it has a backup. In case one accidentally deletes a file from their website, they can recover it with just a few clicks. In a case where one may be in need of a file that was on the website, they can get it from their control panel. A daily backup of the site’s database is also kept and they are accessible using the control panel.


Hosting for WordPress

TSOHost has amazing plans for WordPress available. Joining these amazing plans is only a click away. You only need to click on the WordPress installer and the site will start running in a few minutes. In case one is unable to set the site running, there is an instantly available help. The plans are highly reliable because of their high delivering speed, their guaranteed security, and uninterrupted uptime. The plans are usually complete with features such as free domain name and website storage.
TSOHost has a team of WordPress experts. They are there full time, to offer any assistance that may be required by the client. Some of the available services include tech support and website migration. The customer support is available via live chat, phone calls, and tickets. TSOHost have gathered all the necessary knowledge relating to WordPress to ensure that you get the best out of it. 


Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a provision by the service provider to serve pages for multiple websites that use different domain names from a single server. This plan is normally preferred by businesses that are working on reducing their costs. This is however not a very efficient way for websites that have high traffic.
TSOHost has a shared hosting in their eCommerce plan. This allows the business to remain online no matter how small their budget is. When a business subscribes to shared hosting, a logical partitioning is created for each website so as to provide them with space to store each of their data. The risk of shared hosting is high especially for businesses that need security for confidential data. 


Customer Support

E-commerce hosting plan at TSOHost is charged from as little as $19.99 per month. This is an affordable rate for at least all the businesses. That simply means there are no excuses for your business to remain offline. The plan also has an option of shared web hosting and this reduces the costs even further. The plan also accommodates up to twenty hosted websites.
TSOHost E-commerce plan has a storage space of 20GB SSD and an unlimited bandwidth. This plan also offers efficient migration from your current host free of charge. The migration is free of disruption and it takes a maximum of forty-eight hours. 



Is It Possible For Me To Transfer My Domain To You?

Sure, we can transfer your domain with ease no matter where it is currently hosted. For the UK domains, it is possible to transfer them anytime. Other domains that are hosted outside the UK have a transfer lock time and this time needs to have lapsed before we can transfer your domain.  

How Long Does It Take To Transfer My Domain From My Current Host?

We are aimed at ensuring that you migrate as fast as possible and experience no breakdowns at all. It takes us up to seven days to help you migrate from your current hosts. However most of the times, we take much lesser time. The transfer restrictions put across by your current host are the key determinants of the amount of time we take to transfer you.  

What Is The Average Cost Of Transferring My Domain To You?

There are no transfer costs for most domain names. Any incurred costs are normally used for the extension of the domain registration by a year. If for example you transfer your domain to us on 4th March 2016 and your domain comes up for renewal on May 2nd, 2017, your renewal date will be extended automatically to May 2nd, 2018 when you place your transfer order.  

Will The Price Increase At Any One Time?

No cost changes are expected at any given time. We are intentional about helping you remain online even with a low budget. We intend to work hand in hand with you to achieve all your business goals. As such, we ensure stable pricing and renewal fees so as to ensure that you can budget for your spending plans.


Final Thoughts

TSOHost is definitely your partner in success. From the affordable plans, to the efficient customer support and their reliable uptime all these just for you. It is very easy for you to sign up and the account activation is in most cases immediate. TSOHost has everything simplified for you, you can pay for your renewal fees very easily using your credit card or your paypal account.
In addition, TSOHost gives you value for your money. Their inexpensive plans has a range of benefits like the daily backups. Their payment plans are open for the clients to see and very transparent in a way that they don’t adjust the prices after a client subscribe. Apart from their live customer support, they also manage their social media platforms like twitter very efficiently, to provide every needed solution.




Start using TSO Host!

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