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Start using Miss Hosting!
Start using Miss Hosting!
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Overall Impression

Support - 89%
Performance - 90%
Stability - 95%
Price - 94%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name Miss Hosting
Website misshosting.com
Founded 2014
Support Email support@missgroup.com
Support Phone 1-888-539-8866
Advantages Disadvantages
Good pricing on there hosting packages Prices increases the 2nd year
Offers Shared, VPS and Dedicated Hosting
Really good 24/7 support

Miss Hosting Review

Miss Hosting was founded in the year 2014 in Sweden, Stockholm. This only goes to say that they aren’t the oldest players in the industry, but that hasn’t stopped them from attaining exponential growth. Today, the company serves more than 35,000 customers from different parts of the world. Much of Miss Hosting’s success can be attributed to its localized approach to hosting and customer support.
The company’s data centers and teams are spread over more than a dozen countries and are dedicated to directly serving local communities of web entrepreneurs. Miss Hosting understands the most intricate needs of its customers and provides top-notch, personalized support for the best possible experience. 



Miss Hosting started as a team of nine people working together to meet the public’s demand for hosting. It then grew into a larger team with a combined 45 years’ experience in web hosting. The team answers to a large business group, Miss Group, headquartered in Stockholm Sweden. The company’s primary focus was to serve people of Nordic origin, but today it serves people, companies, and organizations all over the world. The Company boasts of a large team of extremely experienced and qualified personnel dedicated to handling issues ranging from large projects to everyday issues.


Key Miss Hosting Benefits

Miss Hosting provides very high-quality hosting services and its support team understands the customers they serve’s needs because Miss Hosting is, essentially, local and dances to the same tune as the majority of its customers. The company’s servers are housed where its customers are located.
This help sites rank in a certain country’s Google search results as providing a local IP gives a local business an edge when it comes to marketing and SEO. In every country that they run they have a local hosting, support, and marketing.
Miss Hosting customer care provides a proactive approach to support. The team does not sit on its hands waiting for clients to reach out with questions, instead, they initiate conversations with new site owners.

  • Understands the Intricate Needs of Locals
  • Proactive Support Focused on Personalized Experienced
  • Team of Experts Dedicated to Delivering Quality Hosting


Hosting Features of Miss Hosting

We live in a technological world where all businesses need a website, but setting up a full-fledged website is really the challenge. The most important thing for a full-fledged website is web hosting. Though there are many hosting providers in the market, Miss Hosting is the best and affordable regarding shared and cloud hosting.
A full-fledged website needs reliable and affordable web hosting for the business to grow. Miss Hosting package of features offers credibility and speed. Miss Hosting packs it all with its broad range of hosting services, which include Dedicated Hosting, VPS Solutions, Reseller Hosting, among others. They couple this with the best after technical support. 


Control Panel & Usability

Generally, a confusing user interface is never a good recipe for success, which is why ease of use of a control panel is so important. When setting up a new website for the first time, it is pretty much guaranteed to need to use control panel.
Control panel can be incredibly confusing if you’ve never used one before. Miss Hosting takes this into consideration by minding that newbies don’t have the same level of understanding or even the same vocabulary as professionals. The companies control panel is easy to use for both amateurs and experts. It has been designed with everything in need to manage every element of client hosting account. 


Data Security and Backups

Miss Hosting takes backups clients data nightly and promises to restore files if a client ever encounters a problem. The company implements a variety of measures to maintain the safety of client personal information when an order is placed, information is submitted and accessed. They provide the use of a secure server and all supplied sensitive/credit information is transmitted via secure Socket Layer. Their data centers offer maximum security against Tapping, Industrial Espionage, and other infringements upon freedom and privacy.


Hosting for WordPress

Do you own a WordPress site? It is highly likely you do if you are reading this as you are looking for the perfect hosting which suits the needs of WordPress, right? Miss Hosting is credited the best in WordPress hosting. There are over 70 million WordPress users all over the world looking for a dedicated WordPress Hosting service. Many testify that this hosting service is the bomb! WordPress hosting installs in just 5 seconds and installs with a single click.
The following are included in Miss Hosting WordPress package: it is easier to install and manage; has more than 10,000 free themes to choose from; it is a perfect tool for your blog site; you can customize the WordPress site with own code and HTML; and is mobile responsive for both mobile and tablet. 


Shared Hosting

You can select between Basic, Professional and Ultimate shared hosting plans. The Basic plan is for those who are planning to start a website, are new and only plan to host one website. This is a small and cheap package that fits the small business perfect. It goes for a special $1.25 per month.
For those looking to host multiple domains, then Miss Hosting Professional plan would suit them perfectly. It supports up to 10 websites and comes with 250 GB of redundant storage, unlimited email, unlimited bandwidth for a special $2.50 per month. If a business plan is more than just a typical hosting plan, then Ultimate Plan suits the situation. With this plan a business can host unlimited websites, with unlimited bandwidth; everything is unlimited. Furthermore, it comes with free SSL Certification. 


Customer Support

Miss Hosting has an effective, in-house customer support team, which actually saves money long term because it allows businesses to form relationships with their clients, promotes brands loyalty and increases the probability of clients referring others to join. Customer support is 24/7 for all its hosting customers and they can submit support requests via the ticketing system, email or a form on their website that makes logging a new request very easy. Before submitting a request you can refer their knowledgebase on the site, which is in English and Swedish.


Miss Hosting FAQs

How Do You Login to Control Panel?

You can login to client control panel by visiting the client area or going direct login from the email you received from Miss Hosting called “new Account Information”. From the website, start by logging into your client area. After successfully logging in click on “Services” then “My Service”. All your products are indicated here.  

How Do You Create A New Account?

You need to first create your package before you create your account. Otherwise, log in to your Miss Hosting account with the information you received in your email from them. Click on “Account Functions” and “Create a New Account.” Fill all the information on the account, remember to fill in all field under “Domain Information.”  

How Do You Create a New Package?

Start by logging in to your Miss Hosting account with your information you received in your email. Then log in to your VPS. Click on “Packages” and “Add a Package.” In the next step fill in what you want your package specifications to be. If a package is preceded by reseller’s username and an underscore, only that reseller can see the package.

How Do You Create Your Own Nameservers?

Begin by selecting the name server software. The go to the server configuration and basic control panel. See at the bottom of the page where you can fill in the name of the service. Each name server you select needs a name, which you have to put in at least two names.


Final Thoughts

Whether you own a personal blog, a small business, a big enterprise, run a corporate website, look no further as Miss Hosting is both affordable and reliable with very high-quality service. Though affordable, there is no compromise in the quality of service offered. The company is doing amazing as most of the clients are satisfied with their services. Be it shared hosting or cloud VPS hosting, you can count on Miss Hosting for dedicated servers and fantastic technical support.
There servers and data centres are located in various countries to ensure local clients get more speed and unlimited server time. Miss Hosting also offer for you to choose and buy from over 650 top-level domains with amazing features such as DNS editor, Webmail and control panel support. The company does open does that other web hosting companies keep closed.




Start using Miss Hosting!