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Start using StableHost!
Start using StableHost!
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Overall Impression

Support - 93%
Performance - 95%
Stability - 93%
Price - 96%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name StableHost
Website stablehost.com
Founded 2018
Support Email -
Support Phone 855 720 2654
Advantages Disadvantages
Good pricing on hosting packages Small company consisting of 15 people
Offers Shared, VPS, Reseller and Dedicated Hosting

StableHost Review

Finding a hosting solution to suit your needs could prove to be more tasking than it initially seems as there are several options out there – each of which promises to provide you with great uptimes for the right price. If you are not sure about what your website needs in terms of hosting, it becomes very easy to invest in the wrong hosting company. It is, therefore, simply lovely coming across a hosting company that may provide all your needs.
Enter StableHost hosting. If the company name doesn’t tell you what you need to know, then you’re in luck – you have a whole review in your hands. StableHost has made the provision of hosting solutions for everyone, starting from beginner developers to big businesses in need of complex systems, its specialty. 


StableHost Background

StableHost is an American company that was started back in the year 2009 and has enjoyed steady growth as a result of the debt-free influx of cash in their operations as it is a privately owned company. The company, unlike the major players in the industry with thousands of sites in their domains, has only 15 employees in order to take care of its customers on a one on one basis. The company has servers in four different locations worldwide including Amsterdam, Singapore, Chicago (Illinois) and Phoenix (Arizona). The company uses Alpha SSL SSL certificates.


Key StableHost Benefits

StableHost has great uptimes of 99.9% which comply with the industry standards and lie above the industry average of 99.79%. They even have an uptime guarantee that you’ll be credited a month’s fee if the uptime falls below 99.9%.
The company also offers you lightning fast speeds so that your site doesn’t take too long to load. Studies conclude that a second of waiting could lose you 7% of your potential clientele while only 3 seconds could garner you a 50% potential client loss. You are therefore equipped with 96GB of RAM, Dual E5 CPU and Enterprise level SSD.
You are also provided great customer care so that your issues are resolved in good time, but the likelihood of an issue arising is minimal still. The company uses clustered web hosting which detects server errors and moves your site to different servers within the framework to prevent downtime. 

  • Guaranteed uptimes of over 99.9%
  • Lightning fast loading speeds
  • Great customer care and Clustered hosting


Hosting Features of StableHost

First of all, you receive limitless bandwidth with either of the packages you subscribe to as well as unlimited disk space. Your site is also placed under Litespeed web server technology which, as recently as November 2017, provided one-stop web-acceleration solutions to 3% of the websites on the internet. You also get unlimited sub-domains with each of the packages on offer.
When you subscribe to the plans you also get free access to Site Pro Web builders and access to the Softaculous Installer which is famed for its use to those in need of WordPress and Joomla software (one-click scripts are available). Your data is also backed up on a daily basis by R1Soft and if you would like to optimize your databases, there’s support for MySQL. 


Control Panel & Usability

The company uses the famed cPanel in its control panel (the industry standard control panel for VPS and web hosting) to save you hours of learning and understanding new software when you migrate from another hosting provider using cPanel. This control panel affords you unmetered FTP accounts and MySQL databases.
The version of cPanel that StableHost uses is modern looking and easy to use, unlike the ’90s themed cPanel interfaces some hosting solution providers use. Unfortunately, it is also only able to host Linux and iOS users. If you’re eligible, however, you shall have access to statistics and web log analysis software such as Awstats, Webalizer, and Analog. As earlier mentioned, you could use Site Pro for drag and drop web creation and Softaculous to help you install WordPress. 


Data Security and Backups

You are entirely responsible for the backing up of your data at StableHost. Fortunately, the process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is generate a backup through the cPanel backup section. To keep you secure, StableHost offers you Let’s Encrypt certificates for free. All you need to do is click on the Let’s Encrypt icon in the Control Panel and get yours for free. If you would like something a bit more bespoke, there’s the Alpha SSL SSL certificate going for $39.95 annually with free installation.


Hosting for WordPress

WordPress is software that makes the creation of sites easy from the use of themes in an open source developer community. StableHost caters for the creation of WordPress sites both quickly and easily through the use of a third party piece of software called Softaculous. Interestingly enough, the software isn’t difficult to use. You simply have to log on to your control panel and click on Softaculous and proceed to select the software you need installed- in this case, WordPress.
Softaculous has one-click scripts meaning the moment you select WordPress as the software you would like to install and hit the Install button, you should be on your way. This should come in handy if you’re new to software programming and you cannot write the lines of code required in order to make a whole website. 


Shared Hosting

What actually sets StableHost apart from the crowd is their shared hosting. They don’t take the same approach to it- they use what is known as Clustered web hosting which is technology that keeps your website moving from one server to the next in terms of which server is in the best condition.
The technology assesses the server your site is on every 60 seconds looking for errors and moves your site to a different server if your site is in jeopardy and then proceeds to troubleshoot and resolve the servers problems. StableHost offers three plans to customers for them to be able to exploit the lucrative technology at hand with the more pricey plan being more suitable for businesses. 


Customer Support

StableHost provides each and every customer on each plan 24/7 email support but if you would like to reach them on phone you have to be subscribed to the company’s Platinum plan (their least affordable plan). However, the customer support team responds to your queries within 20 minutes at whichever time of day you reach out to them. What’s more, the site has an extensive knowledge base filled with articles and frequently asked questions in order to facilitate your getting started and to help you get in touch with all their features on offer. There are also tutorials at hand for step by step guidance when in difficulty.



StableHost FAQs

How Can I Possibly Test the Server Speed?

If you would like to be sure about the investment you’re making and would like to know the server speeds, you could simply hit this link: https://www.stablehost.com/network.php – From here, you shall be able to download example ZIP files and do speed tests of your own as well as see a sample blog. With this information, you should have a good idea of what is on offer.

How Many Sites Are Placed In A Server?

Anywhere between 300 and 2000 sites can be put on a server depending on the amount of traffic going through the sites on a server. Sites with little to no traffic are placed on one server while those with more traffic are placed in different less loaded servers. This is an activity that occurs severally per minute- click here to read more: https://billing.stablehost.com/knowledgebase/129/How-many-accounts-do-you-put-on-a-server.html  

What Happens If I Happen To Forget My Password?

Do not panic- all you need to do is log into the customer portal and recalibrate the plan you want by clicking on the green button to your right-hand side after having clicked on Services after then clicked My Services. You can then click on the ‘Change Password‘ tab in the Actions box and then put in your new password and confirm it then Save Changes.  

Can I Possibly Use Awstats?

Under normal circumstances, AWStats is put off because it isn’t often used though it consumes a heap of the resources available. If, however, you would like to use the data provided by AWStats, you could simply enable it by logging into the cPanel and selecting the ‘Metrics Editor’ from where you shall have the option to switch AWStats on. After 24 hours, the AWStats data will begin trickling in.


Final Thoughts

StableHost live up to the brand name they possess. They seem to try and go above and beyond in a bid to keep you online and its proven by their above par uptimes of 99.9%. It’s also nice to know that you’ll be spending little time contacting customer care because your site is put under scrutiny every 60 seconds and placed in, if needed, preferable conditions.
The best bit is that StableHost is easy to use for people who are new to hosting, or web development altogether, as there’s the employment of an easier to use cPanel. The use of cPanel also means that if you’re from using another hosting provider, you wouldn’t have to learn a whole new operating system to get the same thing done. Overall, StableHost is a great host.




Start using StableHost!

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