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What is CDN?

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What is CDN? The CDN is an abbreviation for the Content Delivery Network and is now a key part of how services such as audio, video, live streaming and similar services are delivered on the Internet to users of these services. Many services on the Internet today are bandwidth intensive in both time and volume and must be delivered to users of the high performance service and with minimal delay. With CDN technology, the burden on the service is spread over a large number of points, and servers and services can thus be delivered with high performance and availability.

Fast and user friendly

So on the question; What is CDN? In other words, we can answer that in short, it’s a form of network that helps your site deliver content. And perhaps a more important issue; what is the CDN used for? The CDN is used to relieve the site’s current web server, for example, in the case of images and videos. This makes the page perceive as fast and user-friendly as it works without delay, and visitors do not experience unnecessary layers.

Without the CDN, all information of your visitors will be retrieved directly from your web server’s physical location. If someone from the other side visits the page, for example, looking at an image, it may take a long time for the image to upload, and the visitor experiences the site as slow and slow. On the other hand, if you have CDN, your visitor will not experience any delay at all.

Avoid cached servers

If you still ask the question, what is CDN ?, here’s another example. Imagine the Tax Agency’s website approximately around the time of year when the annual tax return is to be submitted. Everyone should submit their declaration at the last minute, and everyone will do it via the web. Now, this government has probably a very big server to start with, but when visitors get so many at the same time, their web server is overloaded because the load is so big.

There is much behind what you see on a website, images, HTML, Java script, CSS, and more. All of this will be called on every visit to the page. If there are more than four calls, you should put CDN in order for it to work flawlessly and the page will load in less time. You lose loads of visitors if you have too long loading time on your site; people usually wait no longer than four seconds.

Summary of CDN

CDN is as a help server that you need to enable your site to view and deliver files and information to the whole world without any problems. It is also necessary for you to be able to provide a non-crash site at visitor stops. The CDN, therefore, acts as a support network of servers that helps your site deliver content to your visitors. There are different server sizes to start from, but the recommendation is still to use CDN for optimal performance.

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