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Start using SiteGround!
Start using SiteGround!

Overall Impression

Support - 87%
Performance - 88%
Stability - 84%
Price - 84%

A good hosting provider with a well known brand, prices are good all over all products.

Host Information
Name SiteGround
Website siteground.com
Founded 2004
Support Email -
Support Phone 44.20.71839093
Advantages Disadvantages
Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Web Spaced Capped at 10GB – 30GB
Fast Responsive Support

SiteGround Review

There is much to consider when one comes to the point of picking a favorable web hosting service from the sea of options. You must consider the features that would suit you best- consider your clientele- whether you would simply like to host a general customer base (look at the pricing and storage offered) or whether a commercial package (you must consider e-commerce options and the server location) is one that would suit you better.
Not only does Siteground provide you with all of these options, but it makes sure that you are served in good taste. There are several hosting options available to you, facilities to enhance performance, great customer service and most importantly, a reasonable price tag on the packages, keep reading our expert SiteGround Review


SiteGround Background

SiteGround was founded in the year 2004 by a handful of university students in Bulgaria in their dorm rooms but over time, has managed to garner a workforce of over 500 employees. The company has also managed to host over a milllion domains with the number only growing by the minute in spite of their lack of Windows Servers. The company has servers in the USA (Chicago), the United Kingdom (London), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Italy (Milan), and Singapore. The site offers three SSL certificates: WildCard, EV SSL (both paid services) and Let’s Encrypt, the only free SSL resource available.


Key SiteGround Benefits

First of all, the company offers super-fast TTFB (time to first byte) speeds worldwide. This is because the company has servers around the world meaning data doesn’t take too long to be transferred from the server to the client’s computer.
Second, the company has excellent customer care that is accessible through three media: email, phone call and live chat at the website. The company has also invested in its employee, evidenced by the multiple technical events to train developers. On a daily basis, over 3000 chat requests, 1500 tickets and 1000 phone calls are processed.
Finally, the site has great uptime (99.98%). They rely heavily on Linux containers that are fairly immune to traffic spikes. They also use in-house-built solutions to provide a top-notch hosting experience, for example, a technology that reviews your server every 0.5 seconds and fixes it automatically if there’s a problem.

  • Great Uptime of 99.98% 
  • Great TTFB Speeds Worldwide
  • World Class Customer Care


Hosting Features of SiteGround

The company has three plans from which you could choose one to fit your needs: the “Start-Up”, the “Grow Big” and the “GoGeek”. All of them have access to free SSL encryption software and all of them allow you to have more than one free email account.They all have unlimited bandwidth too. You can only host multiple websites using all but the “Start-Up” plan.
The only negative is probably that they all have limited space with the “GoGeek” plan having the most (30GB). The site allows you a free month trial in order to get more acquainted but if you are using a shared hosting plan, you are going to need to take annual contracts thereafter. It is only with the non-shared hosting plan that you can pay monthly. 


Control Panel & Usability

It would have only been wise for them to employ the services of cPanel, the world’s most widely used and easy to use control panel. It is for this reason therefore that not a single SiteGround plan is at lack of cPanel for account management,
With the cPanel, you can get a good handle on your databases, website files and folders and even bring different email accounts to life- you could also better manage domains and subdomains. SiteGround have customised the cPanel skin in order to make it appealing to today’s clientele and have added third-party and their own developments to make it more user-friendly. 


Data Security and Backups

The company keeps your site secure using several facilities including SG site scanner to ensure you’re the first to know whether your site is under attack. You are also provided with Leech protect that helps you keep your users from exposing their passwords on the site. You also have access to Sitecheck which regularly checks for malware on your site. Siteground keeps customer data backed up for a period of 30 and 7 days and backups happen daily depending on your plan. You would be wise to invest in an external back up service.


Hosting for WordPress

SiteGround, much like its competitors, offers WordPress hosting- damn near managing your installation process with discounts for registration with the plans looking a lot like the shared hosting plans in terms of pricing. The naming is actually the same too: Start-Up, Grow BIg and GoGeek. You are also provided with free themes. Once you are done setting up WordPress, you could proceed to make galleries, posts and pages as you wish.
What’s more, there is something for heavy experienced WordPress users in the GoGeek and the GrowBig plans. They include free back-up and restore, a year of free WildCard SSL encryption (SiteGrounds premium SSL Certificate), WP-CLI to make Command Line Management Options easy, WordPress Staging Environments, Pre-Installed Git, PCI Compliance for e-commerce structures, and Priority Customer Care. 


SiteGround – Shared Hosting

The advancement of technology has seen several useful inventions, but none as celebrated online as shared hosting. Several sites can be hosted on the same server, thereby reducing hosting costs. The company does not support shared hosting payments on a monthly plan so, after the initial 30 day trial period, you will have to sign up to an annual contract.
One of the main reasons why Siteground is so popular worldwide is due to the fact that it allows you to choose the location of your server from a list of five different servers worldwide, or you could simply pick a default server based in the United States of America. The site claims to host at least 25,000 customers on a daily basis with its most affordable package. 


Customer Support

The company has invested in more than 230 people to ensure that the aforementioned number of tickets (1500), chat requests (3000) and phone calls (1000) are responded to on a daily basis in 3 languages: Italian, Spanish and English. They don’t only cater to the customer’s hosting needs but they also lend a knowledgeable ear to the customer and resolve Content Management Systems issues. Between the years 2014 and 2016, the customer satisfaction rate was 96%. This is a near-impossible feat to accomplish but it isn’t impossible to believe that they pulled it off.



SiteGround FAQs

Being A Student, I Might Not Afford Some/All Of The Services. Could I Be Helped?

If you so happen to be a student in a North America academic institution, there is a program with special pricing for you. If your school is a participating member, you should be happy to know that you can have an account for free for your school-work, to build yourself a website and even to be used as a mailbox.

Can I Pay With PayPal?

Though the payment method is not listed in the payment methods the company accepts, it can be used. Simply contact the SiteGround Sales Department through the Live Chat option on display on the site. Subscribed users can simply get assistance by simply contacting the billing support team through the “Request Assistance From Our Team Section” on the support page.

I Noticed The Backup Option is Off in cPanel. Why? 

It is off for shared hosting accounts larger than 5GB as they require lots of resources to back up thereby placing the efficiency of the shared server in jeopardy. Also, a shared hosting plan could undergo outage if the space allocated is filled in the case of a back up occupying too much disk space.

Is There A cPanel App?

Yes, there is a cPanel app available to you from the Apple app store and the Android Market. It allows you to manage your files, eMails, DNS record and your MySQL/PostgreSQL databases along with a heap of other things. Just download it from your respective app store and fill in the cPanel details relevant to your SiteGround and be on your way.  



Final Thoughts

The company has been voted the best hosting site for 2 consecutive years (2016 and 2017) by a closed Facebook group of 7,000 people dedicated to WordPress hosting and it isn’t hard to see why they won it. The customer care team (the unit at the core of any service provider) is mighty knowledgeable, friendly and splendid and has earned 10/10 on multiple ratings online from different critics.
The company has also managed to attain an uptime of 99.98% which is as close as anybody gets to the 99.99% perfect score and .19% higher than the 99.79% industry average. The company only had 10 outages in the year 2017, which put in comparison to Web Hosting Pad’s over 2000 outages, is a negligible amount of times. It is also pretty fast with up to 0.5s loading times.




Start using SiteGround!

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